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Saturday, July 28, 2007

San Jose Grand Prix 2007

Checking in from the 2007 San Jose Grand Prix. No Patrick Marleau sitings yet, but I have a feeling I will not be able to get too close for his "start your engines" call tomorrow. The race is on ESPN2 at 3PM tomorrow.

In the picture: 2007 Miss NPC Fitness San Jose, 2007 Miss San Jose Grand Prix second runner-up Areli Ahrens, winner Marivel Salgado and first runner-up Sarah Guerrero, and 2006 Miss San Jose Grand Prix Jennifer Field. In the background is one of the FMX Freestyle MotoCross riders doing a backflip.

The flash fired just before this photo, otherwise it would have been perfect. Better pics of qualifying and the Miss SJGP will be up on my blog tonight.

Sharks captain Patrick Marleau chats with radio announcer Dan Rusanowsky moments after his "Drivers start your engines" call to kick off the 2007 San Jose Grand Prix.


Ian said...

I like the backflip in the background. Makes it a little strange.

At the risk of sounding like a complete perv, is the 2007 2nd runner up showing some distinct camel toe, or is that just a trick of the shadows? I bet she really would have appreciated that filler-flash....

Earl Sleek said...

Good to see that Mr. Marleau is already sporting the new look, but who's bright idea was it to throw the blue-and-orange on a maroon shirt?

PJ Swenson said...

I thought it was brown, but then again I am partially colorblind. The orange shirts and hats with the Sharks logo were a little unusual, but that is the one my brother wanted me to get him.

Ian, one of the contestants actually said something similar about the outfits before getting on stage, so they just deal with it. If you win, you basically represent the city at a number of local events all year. And if you win the entire Champ Car title, you represent all of the races across the globe, which would be cool.