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Sunday, October 08, 2006

You be the California Coach

I’ve got an L.A.-at-Anaheim summary coming tomorrow, but first, take this quiz:

Game 1: Friday vs. Los Angeles. J.S. Giguere allows 3 goals on 44 shots to win 4-3.
Game 2: Saturday at Phoenix. Ilya Bryzgalov allows 1 goal on 35 shots to win 2-1.
Game 3: Monday vs. St. Louis

Los Angeles
Game 1: Friday at Anaheim. Dan Cloutier allows 4 goals on 32 shots in a 3-4 loss.
Game 2: Saturday vs. St. Louis. Mathieu Garon allows 1 goal on 36 shots to win 4-1.
Game 3: Tuesday vs. NY Islanders

San Jose
Game 1: Thursday vs. St. Louis. Vesa Toskala allows 4 goals on 35 shots in a 5-4 OT win.
Game 2: Saturday vs. NY Islanders. Evgeni Nabokov allows 0 goals on 26 shots for a 2-0 win.
Game 3: Monday in Calgary

So the three-part question: which goalie would you start for each team's Game 3?


Sherry said...

Using a completely complicated scientific formula [division through my calculator] I think the correct answer should look like:

Bryzgalov, Garon and...Toskala. Because I just like Toskala.

Jordi said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Nabokov was up again, is it still hip to ride on a hot goalie?

I'm all for Bryzgalov and Garon.

VeryProudofYa said...

I think Jigs will get the start, because normally Carlyle lets the winning goalie go again, but it was a back to back game so Bryz got what shoudl've been JS's game.

Cloutier will play because Crawford has a giant hard on for him.

I HOPE Nabs plays because I've got him on my fantasy team and it'd be swell if he could bring home another shutout

finny said...

I say Jiggy gets Monday night's call... hard to justify, so I won't try (not when I'm supposed to be working not playing around on blogs...

I'd go back with Cloutier for LA, and to keep with uniformity, back to Toskala for SJ...

Temujin said...

Wow, Toskala just made the safe of the year (thusfar) against the Flames in the 2nd period. The SJ commentators are going nuts, ha!

I can't wait to see the highlights!