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Friday, October 13, 2006

Sharks losing in Edmonton? Isn’t that how this blog got started?

Well, I’ll hand it to Mr. Chen. It takes a lot of nerve to throw a taunt Anaheim’s way the day his Sharks play in an Edmonton arena that quite frankly, hadn’t been too kind to them last spring.

So I figured, rather than (cough)Ryan(cough)Smyth(cough) comment about this latest Shark loss, why not just reopen some wounds?

Remember back at the start of Round 2 last playoffs when the first-ever BoC postseason matchup seemed so in-the-bag? Both the Sharks and the Ducks had taken the first two home games against the Oilers and Avalanche, respectively, and were headed on the road to close out the deal.

Well, read the history books, kids. Two games later, I posted (drumroll) the first ever BoC cartoon. The shark covered in oil could be a little better-drawn, but I still stand by the taunt.

Meanwhile, back in California…

So because a California team ruined the Battle of Alberta,it's suddenly OK for an Alberta team to ruin the Battle of California?

Time to respond, Sharks. Don't get all King-y on us.


PJ Swenson said...

And like any unbiased hockey fan would say after watching last nights game "the refs were paid off".

Really the loss does not bother me. What bothers me is that the Sharks did not suit up Scott Parker, and they sent down Doug Murray to the AHL for conditioning.

Both should have been on the ice pounding Smyth and Torres into the glass. Take the loss, but at least make a statement. You can not do that for 82 games in the new NHL, but you can burn a game and demolish a team in the process. I know, Darryl Sutter used to do it a few times a season.

allan said...

Paid off?

I love hearing that. The Oilers message boards are all saying the same thing. :P

The refereeing was awful, but hardly biased. Welcome to the "new NHL," where the penalties are more random than in NHL 98

Mike Chen said...

Damn you Sleek. Damn you inexperienced defense. Damn you Ryan Smyth.

If Murray was healthy and in shape, I'd agree with PJ. From what the preseason showed, he was way slower than everyone else. Get in shape, Murray, then start hitting the shit out of people again!

At least Nabokov looked solid. I only fault him on one goal (Smyth's last one). Trade value...going up! Get some D, Doug!

VeryProudofYa said...

Man, Smith is paying dividends for my fantasy team. Hopefully he plays well enough to replace Bell full time on the big line. That was an orgasmic pass he slid to Cheech for one of his goals.

Sadly for the Sharks, they'll have to take on Luongo, who may not let them bounce back from the loss. He's been Jesus on ice so far, if you excuse his play in the shootouts. As far as I've seen, he hasn't let in a goal on a straight shot, they've all be defelctions or multiple rebound chances.

Then again, he's not yet faced a Thornton fed one timer.

Sherry said...

I sort of want to hug that shark.

Interesting how today is Friday the 13th and that Duck is increasingly reminding me of Jason.

P.S. Have I mentioned I love your cartoons?

Jordi said...

Oh my god Felix the cat!

Wasn't McLaren insanely terrible in this game? Damn it. Or were they just exaggerating?

mike w said...

I've muttered it before, but I'll say it loudly again: that cartoon IS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING IN THE WORLD.

That's what I love about blogs: there's a certain brio and wit attached that bypasses the radio call-in mentality of most fans. As much as I hate your team, Earl, I love your doodles.


Bartcal said...

Sleek - I like your cartoons. I don't always like the content, but the cartoons are funny. I had the game on DVR, but couldn't bring myself to watch it. The final score just reinforced my dislike for Edmonton.

Hopefully, this will put a fire into the Sharks the next several times they play the Oil.