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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sharks missing out on international love

Jeez, Technorati just won't leave us alone.

First we find out that there's a Ducks blog from Brazil (in Portuguese, no less), and now there's a Kings blog from Poland (this time in English, though).

But hey, at least there's Bart, musing about the Sharks from Riverside, CA.

C'mon, SJ-loving world. Isn't there a Cheechoo fan in Tokyo or something?

[Update from PJ] Check out Pess2k for Sharks/A's blogging in Japanese, and nhlkorea.net for a good Korean NHL hockey website. There is also a Czech Republic Sharks website with a nice design I don't have a link for at the moment.

[Update from Sleek] Un-fucking-believable. I can't believe you came through on that one, PJ.


Sherry said...

I'm a Cheechoo fan in Canada, is that international enough? :P

Jordi blogs from Australia, you can't get farther than that.

Andy Grabia said...

I don't get Technorati. I finally claimed our site, after Mirtle's post, but the site refuses to ping our site. It says we haven't updated Battle of Alberta in 328 days. Now if there is one thing you can't say abut me, it's that I don't post often. Yet I can't get it to ping us, even though I all the stuff is turned on in blogger. Frustrating.

And yes, Jordi wins the award for hard-core blogger.

Earl Sleek said...

I haven't claimed this blog yet. I'm betting Mirtle set us up Technorati-wise, otherwise I wouldn't know anything about it. I'm actually pretty terrible when it comes to technology.

In other words, I don't know how to help you, except to tell you to post more.

Jordi said...

I'll go see if anyone in Fiji likes hockey.

I'm sure if you show a Thornton or a Cheechoo to the Japanese they'll want the Thornton. Blond hair? Looks like a bum? Doesn't reall matter!

PJ Swenson said...

Ill try to claim the blog on Technorati and forward the info to Earl.

Here is one blog that talks a lot of Sharks/A's in Japanese:

General Korean hockey blog that is kind of cool (my brother was just there training at a MMA school):

I know there is a good Sharks blog/website in the Czech Republic, but I lost the link because I just bought a new laptop.

Oh, and Andy. Try pingomatic.com.