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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rocket Ride

Not exactly California-related, except for consistently torching the Kings, Ducks, and Sharks, but here is my first attempt at video editing. A Pavel Bure highlight video.

Waiting for Sleek to turn his artistic powers towards video.


Earl Sleek said...

Excellent. This blog just hit the 21st century, yee ha!

Waiting for Sleek to turn his artistic powers towards video.

Those skills are still in the distant future, but I probably have enough talent to make an injured Val Bure highlight "video".

"I'll be ready any day now, Kings."

Earl Sleek said...

Also, here's a YouTube I enjoyed, mostly for the headlines.

zanstorm said...

A guy from Cali doing a Bure video? Wow...
Hey, you didn't show his knees getting blown out! I kid.
Good job PJ! The goals are good, but I really liked the super elbow on Churla, THAT was cool.

Sherry said...

I never noticed how feminine Bure was before.

He must tell me what shade of lipstick he's wearing in that opening slow-mo shot.

hockeygirl said...

I always thought Bure was too pretty for hockey. Eric Staal is the new lipstick spokesman for the NHL.

Hodge said...

Check out his Rookie card if you want to see gayness.

Sherry said...


To be fair, everybody had horrible fashion back in the '80s.