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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Tale of Four Goalies

I think Mr. Bryzgalov doesn't really understand the concept of "Team First":

“I got a call from the club and they told me that they see me as their number one goaltender,” the Russian told Sovietsky Sport newspaper. “They (Anaheim) also want to trade Giguere but no one wants him.”
If Giguere is not moved by opening night, there should be a nice icy freeze to go with the new orange colors in the Anaheim locker room.

On the other hand, even though Vesa Toskala and Evgeni Nabokov don't need to get a room or anything, they have at least a friendly and respectable public relationship.

Vesa Toskala has nothing but great things to say about the San Jose Sharks, his GM Doug Wilson, and his fellow goaltender Evgeni Nabokov.

But he's adamant he doesn't want to head into training camp next season still battling for playing time in goal with his buddy Nabokov.

''I really hope that doesn't happen,'' Toskala said Tuesday from his native Tampere, Finland. ''That's not good for me, or for Nabby. And I don't think it's good for the team either, sitting one of us on the bench. I really hope there's a trade.''

The difference here is that Bryzgalov has essentially forced Brian Burke into a trade to prevent any bad locker room vibes before the season starts, totally destroying any leverage Burke may have had. On the other hand, Toskala's comments put pressure on Doug Wilson to do something, but doesn't promote the sense of locker room-destroying venom that Bryzgalov's comments do.

Assuming nothing's been taken out of context (ha!) and these public statements reflect how Toskala and Bryzgalov feel, don't you think it'll be easier for Doug Wilson's tandem to accept "Look, one of you will move. It might not be till November, but we'll find the best situation for you two and the team. Just be patient." rather than Brian Burke's apparently-at-odds duo?


beingbobbyorr said...

What's with these Russian players ... Do they still think the iron curtain remains to shield their comments from the Western world? Dudes, it's a global media village. Nyet?

Earl Sleek said...

Breezy's just trying to get the Ducks on the front page of the LA Times sports section. That guy is a wacky interview every time.

Zanstorm said...

Just not the right choice of words by Bryz. Maybe it was taken out of context a little. I'm married to a Russian woman, and I don't always understand what she says either. OR she just mixes her words up.