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Monday, July 03, 2006

Oh shi....

I think I speak for Sharks and Kings fans everywhere when I say...


Well, we showed you, stupid Ducks! You get Chris Pronger, we get...Mike Grier.

Actually, I like signing Grier. He's extremely gritty with reasonable speed. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing him play with Thornton/Cheechoo so he can crash the boards and loosen some pucks up. But there's still more to do, Doug!

Oh, and for you Kings fans -- if Alyn McCauley's knee is fully repaired, you'll love what he does for you. He's like the anti-Roenick: all substance with very little flash (though he's a hell of a passer and a great skater).


Anonymous said...

You can imagine my feelings as an Oilers fan.

Anonymous said...


Earl Sleek said...

I will say that getting Grier at $1.75 M and to some degree McCauley at $2 M look to be among the more reasonable signings these first two days.

Hey, let's all get good and have Dallas finish at the bottom of the Pacific. Wouldn't that be funny?

Anonymous said...

I'd laugh. I hate Dallas more than any team outside my division not formerly associated with a certain insurance city.