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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day

Merry Fist-mas day +1. Fight clip courtesey of Hockeyfights.com. Rumors that Earl Sleek was going to be an emergency replacement to backup Michael Wall were unfounded.

Maybe the Kings can loan Anaheim a goaltender.


Earl Sleek said...

Damn. A costly win, for sure.

I only got to see the third period last night (a lot of family in town), so immediately I was struck by the oddball d-pairings of Pronger-Huskins and Niedermayer-O'Brien.

The Duck ward is looking pretty Kingish: Giguere, Bryzgalov, O'Donnell, Beauchemin, and Marchant.

Thank goodness the money defensemen managed to stay healthy. In the last 31:45 of the game (after Beauchemin played his last shift), Pronger and Niedermayer played a combined 32:45 of ice time.

Sherry said...

For a majority of the fight it looked like Thornton was winning but I guess it should go to Bell.

Great fight, but it doesn't make up for Bell's lack of production thus far. SIGH.

VeryProudofYa said...

It was just like the fight involving bell last game, he lost the actual fight, but landed on top of a slipping duck. Both teams get fired up because it's a win from two different perspectives, and the game is better for it.

Good, exciting game, but boy did Nabs let in some ugly goals. Wilson finally breaks his rotation and gives nabs two straight and he lets in 2 wraparounds, a point shot, and a tip in that he can't be entirely faulted on.

Bartcal said...

Though I hate to say it, the Ducks outworked the Sharks and deserved the win. Shark fan that I am, I was still disappointed to see Jiggy get injured.