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Friday, December 15, 2006

Anze Kopitar to San Jose Sharks, Fear me

Kopitar good.

Brust poke check, sit down Shark man.

The Kings dismantled the Sharks in their own house 4-2 Thursday night, with rookie Anze Kopitar potting 2 goals and a sick deke along the boards that sent a Sharks defenseman sprawling to the ice. Dismantled and demoralized, the Sharks attempted a weak comeback scoring 2 goals in the third. Brust came up big in his first NHL start, and Sopel looked impressive logging 26+ minutes and earning an assist after missing 16 games with an injury.

More from the game is available here.

I got word the Ducks were in town Thursday, awaiting their turn against the Sharks on Saturday. After getting blown out a few weeks ago in Anaheim, this is a chance for Teal Redemption. Only question, will there be a Sleek sighting in the land of Google and $6 Bud Lights? And will he rock purple and orange for the game?


Earl Sleek said...

Heh, they should have given Frolov first star last night, mainly for injuring Cloutier during the warm-up.

Only question, will there be a Sleek sighting in the land of Google and $6 Bud Lights? And will he rock purple and orange for the game?

Not only will Sleek not be there, but dammit! I can't even watch the game. No, I will instead be onstage Saturday night in a Christmas concert, secretly cursing the spirits of Christmas.

great coo said...

For once, I am glad to be on the east coast--the game is at 10:30ET, which means I can go to my friend's birthday dinner and still be back in time to hear the first puck drop.

VeryProudofYa said...

Kopitar has quickly emerged as a member of the BoC to be feared.

2 career 2-goal games, one against the sharks, one against the ducks.

Also, I'd wager this one goes into overtime, because the sharks have to do it again eventually.

Earl Sleek said...

Kings recall Fukufuji.

Yutaka Fukufuji--now there's a BoC name to be feared.

Anyone know how bad Cloutier's hurt? Is it bad enough to turn the Kings' season around?

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I don't even want to know how bad announcers are going to f*ck with Fukufuki's name. Japanese, at one time, was my "foreign language of choice" (thank you, junior college) and so it'll annoy me vastly to hear it abused. Well, it matters not: the kid's a king.

Tomorrow's game? err... tonight's game (god, I had too much coffee) is going to be hella interesting! I say Ducks over Sharky's... slinging back a cold one post-game. Ducks 4, Sharks 3. Ketchup goals from Teemu, Kuni, slapshot from Prongs, and one more from the kids (penner/perry/someone)...

Doogie said...

Hey, at least you don't hear Japanese names butchered too often in hockey. My second language is Russian.