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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Teemu takes another stick to the mouth

Well, the Ducks managed to hold off the Desert Dogs in yesterday’s preseason action, 3-2, but the real story was that super winger Teemu Selanne caught a Tyson Nash stick to the mouth 3 ½ minutes into the game. Teemu, who likes to equate scoring to ketchup, took 20 stitches to the mouth area and did not return to game action.

I haven’t yet been able to find any photographic evidence of last night’s blood-spilling, and I only heard it on the radio, but here’s how I pictured it:

Of course injuries during preseason suck, but maybe in Teemu’s case this is what he needs to get inspired for the regular season. If you recall, the Finnish Flash got some teeth knocked out during last year’s Olympics, but apparently they were the teeth that were slowing his game down.

Regular season stats only:

Before losing teeth: 54 points in 55 games
After losing teeth: 36 points in 25 games
Feel better, Teemu.


Sherry said...

Is it wrong for me to think that that's cute?

I'm a little confused as to why Teemu is pictured as a wine bottle though :P

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, that's supposed to be a bottle of ketchup, but I never get to make good graphics at work.

The man is keeping me down again.

finny said...

ahahah, I caught that ketchup bottle innuendo (last playoff berth), but too damn funny, I must say. I couldn't find pictures of it either, and I tried... Maybe we should find one of a line of stitches. (ew). I posted on his jaw-busting on my blog too, though without the animated graphic (sadly).

Sherry said...

Oh! Ketchup bottle I get! That's what I thought it was at first but I guess I was still thinking about the too much wine I had last night [read: one glass]

Wasn't Teemu saying how Joffrey Lupul [or was it Ryan Getzlaf] was like a ketchup bottle?

I also have to gush about how adorable your cartoons are. SO CUTE.

Anonymous said...

The ketchup bottle theory was how Teemu chose to describe the Ducks' scoring spurts. If memory serves, it was a comment made just prior to Joffrey Lupul's 4-goal night against Colorado.

Bartcal said...

I was at the game when Teemu got hit. The blood was still visible on the ice when they started the game up again. Didn't see any teeth though. No penalty on the hit, said it was Nash's follow-through. Duck's posts on website said he took about 20 stitches. Just FYI

Earl Sleek said...

Per the OC Register, it was 12 stitches, but Teemu is back at practice.

Anonymous said...

The LA Times Ducks/Kings Report stated 20 stitches... who's got it right?