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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The OC, all about image, baby!

Well, finally the big-money boys decided to suit up and show off the home jerseys.

Of course, I had to doctor the background, but all in all, it's not a bad look.

It's growing on me, at least. But I'm probably buying a sweatshirt or something.

Don't want to get burned again (sniff, sniff)...


zanstorm said...

The jersey is growing on me too. It is a lot more respectable.

reality check said...

Looks alot more like a hockey jersey than the previous one. Not outstanding mind you, but gets the job done. You will fing that eventually the jersey as well as the team get more respect also - that ought to grow on you also. One day you'll look back on the old duds and go "Yech!"

Hodge said...

I still think the old logo is cool. The jersey sucked but that goalie mask rocks.

Anyone know why logo backgrounds tend to be inverted triangles?? There's a few of them, the old ducks being one of them!!

Tapeleg said...

As long as it isn't game worn, go buy it. But I still liked the 3rd jersey they wore all through the playoffs.

Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

Yeah, they look alright. I love the big "C".

Pronger looks like he's farting or is about to fart in that picture though.

joninabox said...

"Pronger looks like he's farting or is about to fart in that picture though."

I have some posters there were giving out during the playoffs last year. Let's just say that the man does not photograph well. He also sometimes looks remarkably similar to Conan O'Brian, especially with his old hair.