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Friday, September 29, 2006

New Ducks blogger, and oh yeah, drafting is for suckers!

Duck fan Finny has started a new blog, Girl with a Puck, which already looks awesome. She’s already got me beat, in that she’s actually attended Duck practices, and has put together a compelling argument about why newcomer Ryan Shannon should make the club over enigmatic returnee Stan Chistov. Go check it out!

I’m not that worried about being replaced in the Califhockeysphere so much as I’m worried that she will put a restraining order on me once I start stalking her. What can I say? I’m a sucker for females who know what a forecheck is.

Ryan Shannon, by the way, appears to be a smaller version of Andy McDonald (if you can believe it) and has had a tremendous preseason, mostly playing on a line with Todd Marchant and Dustin Penner. Finny also correctly notes that when Selanne left last game to get his face stitched up, it was Shannon who picked up the top-line ice time. A strong vote of confidence from Coach Carlyle, no doubt.

Q. What do the following players all have in common, aside from a strong likelihood of being in the Ducks’ opening day roster? (Preseason stats included)

Andy McDonald, 4 GP, 4-4-8
Chris Kunitz, 4 GP, 2-0-2
Dustin Penner, 5 GP, 2-6-8
Ryan Shannon, 4 GP, 1-5-6
A. Surprisingly enough, none of these four forwards were ever NHL-drafted, but signed with Anaheim as undrafted free agents. This preseason, these four have combined for 9 goals and 15 assists in a combined 17 man-games played.

Anybody remember the last time a preseason cup favorite used 4 undrafted players among its top nine forwards?

(NOTE: Crap. Kings have made a big trade with the Hurricanes. More to come on that.)


Zanstorm said...

Pretty good site...for a girl!
I'm kidding. She needs a nice header, and badda boom...sweetness.

Anonymous said...

oh, I knew the "for a girl" comment was coming! I was just waiting for it... As for the header... believe me, the blogger looked different when I started, and then all of a sudden, I thought I'd switch over to that blogger beta thing-a-ma-jig, and now I can't figure out how to mess with the code... *argh* maybe over the weekend, I'll come up with something a little cooler...

anaheimduckfan said...

What's up with the "for a girl" comment. There are more girls out there who love hockey, than you realize.

I think she rocks!

Earl Sleek said...

What's up with the "for a girl" comment. There are more girls out there who love hockey, than you realize.

Don't mind Zanstorm. He's still bitter that I outdrafted him in two separate Yahoo leagues. He's also a Leafs fan, so take it easy on him for the next decade or so.

I think she rocks!

Judging by your icon and the fact that you two are apparently sharing a 13-pack of Ducks tickets, I would say that you have somewhat of a bias.

But yes, she does rock.

Wow, are you starting a Ducks blog also? We're going to rule the net.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Ooh, debate, debate! Girls rule, boys drool! (I'm just kidding). And of course, we always stick together...

And ouch... a Leafs fan. I like watching the leafs... even if pluralizing it as "l-e-a-f-s" instead of "l-e-a-v-e-s" really throws off my spelling sensibilities and my English-major instincts, but whatever. Mats Sundin is awesome, and Bryan McCabe is on my fantasy team! Whoo!

Zanstorm said...

See Earl? You can't knock me with being a Leaf fan! It didn't work.
The jury is out on who drafted better, Padwan!
Relax, AnaheimDuckFan, you didn't get my sarcasm! I love female hockey fans/bloggers!

Doogie said...

Actually, as a proper noun, Maple Leaf doesn't follow the expected spelling irregularities, instead pluralizing perfectly regularly (and correctly) with just the "s".

Today's grammar lesson has been brought to you by the University of Calgary's LING201 course.