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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I wave the white flag for tonight.

A summary of my thoughts during the first two periods:

Stupid fast Ducks.

Stupid crappy Sharks defense.

Stupid Cheechoo not scoring on an empty net.

Stupid slumping Sharks power play.

Stupid really crappy Sharks defense.

Stupid awful passing.

Stupid awesome Chris Pronger.

Stupid freakin' Dustin Penner always working the Sharks.

Stupid really freakin' crappy Sharks defense.

Well...there's always tomorrow night. Tomorrow, Ron Wilson should dress Ville "Vile" Niemenen just so he can run Pronger and Giguere and MacDonald and Selanne and Penner and both of those god damn brothers. Then they can suspend Vile for the rest of the season but Anaheim will be crippled and things will be good.

Not that I'm, you know, a bitter Sharks fan or anything. God I hate Chris Pronger.

Post-game update: Well, maybe Ron Wilson read the team this post in the 2nd intermission. The 3rd period Sharks squad is what I hope to see tomorrow night. Finally, Cheechoo scores on a good shot from the high slot. It's about freakin' time. Now, about that defense...


Anonymous said...

"I hate Chris Pronger"

Mikey, let it go. That was 9 months ago man.

Finny said...

That was 9 months ago man.

heh. I guess it'd be mean if I joked around saying I wonder if the baby's a boy or girl?

Probably really mean, considering I actually LIKE Pronger. A lot. *g* Probably because he's on my team and cuz whneever I see him, he's usually pretty nice.

*shrug* Well, I was trying to make a joke... and it's probably not even funny anymore. Sorry.

As for the SJ/ANA game... well. There is tonight. (yesss). Can't wait. Of course, as a Duck fan, my feelings were the exact opposite:

Awesome first and second...wtf happened in the 3rd...? Well. Two points, Anaheim. I'll stop complaining.

Mike said...

How about that bush-league Parros-Parker fight eh? I thought Parker was going to get run after taking a swing at Parros on the ground. I bet there's a rematch tonight. Other than that, not much to look forward to for the Sharks. I don't see how Carle and Vlasic can get a couple of years of seasoning in one night. It's not good when Travis Moen is the one making you look stupid.