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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Verdict on the Kings' 3rd Jersey

Who has his arms raised and loves scoring goals? This guy.

-Drew, check out Stastny's face.
-What... oh my God.

Gotta admit, it looks pretty sharp. I hate the crest but the jerseys look pretty amazing while the action is going on. My favorite part are the socks, to be honest. If they put the crown from the regular jerseys on the front, I could see these jerseys becoming full-time. What do you guys think?

***Damn, no hand in this one either.

-John Zeiler should be shot into the Sun.

-Jarret Stoll should have about 30 goals by now.

-Drew Doughty played 29 minutes last night.

-When is Kopitar going to create a goal for himself?


MotherPucker.ca said...

Yeah the font on that crest looks like it came outta the ice age or something, but the rest of the jersey rocks. Makes me want to break out my gretzky and robitaille kings jerseys and show off my black and silver again.

Anonymous said...

The crest may be boring, but I love, love, LOVE the fact that the front isn't cluttered up with other crap like numbers, names, national flag patches, or merit badges.

It's not a bad effort at all.

cristobal said...

I agree about the uniform, though maybe not on the logo. It's not a stellar logo, but I don't know if the AEG dept. CAN come up with a good logo.
This uniform is better than the current regular darks which I cannot stand. The regular whites are acceptable enough, but I wonder how this 3rd would look in negative.
Unless their going back to the old gold look or old purple look, i'm going to say this is as good as their capable of.

Murray's line combos fucked the kings last night. By Zeiler going out of the game it also cut out Ivan and Boyle, and we ended up playing at least 4 of our top forwards over 20 minutes. He can sure coach team defense but beyond that this guy's not looking too sharp. I think the Kings can be competitive in every game but these flaws are keeping them from regulation victories.

Zeiler's check reminded me of thousands of other hockey hits that are never called penalties. Either fix the checking-"in the back" definition, or don't call it. Stupid. By the way, the officiating is officially so fucking poor I can't stand it anymore. WHere are they hiring these incompetents that have no control over the game. The only consistency in the hooking/interference calls is that the officials have no consistency.

How many times are players going to say the ice sucks between periods before they start to get fined. If the League isn't going to have standards they'd better start shutting up the players about it.
National Slushee League is more like it.

Man, Svatos is incredible.
Simmonds needs to be on a grind line. 1 goal 1 assist a quarter of the way through isn't getting it done. Calder - Stoll - Simmonds 4th line.

brokeyard said...

I like it because it looks a little like the old Kings jerseys.

Unknown said...

They should have opened the logo design up to the fans...I would have been all over that!

I'm glad I'm not the only one cursing the officials every game night. It's ridiculous. I'm surprised the Kings didn't get a hooking penalty with 30 seconds left in regulation.

Overall, I have hope this season. Well, I've had it every season, but it might be rewarded this time around!

Andrew Harkins said...

I think the jerseys looked great. I don't mind the logo at all. The socks are great of course and did you see the helmets? They had the old black and silver era helmet decals. They looked good.

Carter Rubin said...

The logo looks better than I thought it would, but I seriously object to putting "LA" on a jersey that is only going to be worn at home.

Overall, they look great in action and I especially like the "KINGS" decal on the helmets. So classic.

Kevin Y said...

The logo looks better than I thought it would, but I seriously object to putting "LA" on a jersey that is only going to be worn at home.

Here is a quote from Chris McGowan, Kings' Chief Marketing Officer, in regards to which games they are to wear the jersey this year and next, from http://www.letsgokings.com/bbs/f11/designing_jersey_just_step_one-90343.html

"Me and Dean Lombardi sit down and decide what we want to do with it. Next year, we'll probably wear it on the road a few times, like when we go to a big market, maybe to the Canadian market we'll wear it. We'll sit down and pick 15 games. That's the amount that the league allows you to wear the alternate jersey. I think next year you'll probably see maybe eight at home or five on the road"

jamestobrien said...

It seems like the Kings were going for the "it almost looks like the Gretzky-era jersey" with this, which I commend. But why not go all the way and add silver and that sweet logo?

I'm a sucker for those jerseys and the whacky Vancouver Canucks jerseys from that era. It can't be TOTALLY based on nostalgia, can it?

Jargon said...

Apparently a year went into the designing of these. Leave a five year-old alone in a room with the old jerseys for an hour and it would produce the same thing. The kids would probably settle for Elmer's lunch as pay, too.

I like the helmets.

Earl Sleek said...

I guess it's 3 games for Zeiler. Just curious, how many Kings fans would have preferred a longer suspension?

Unknown said...

I know john zeiler is a douche bag, but that's ridiculous that he got suspended for that hit. Foote saw him coming and still turned into the hit. I know the some players are saying that things aren't going to change until players themselves decide to stop hitting from behind, but I think they also need to decide to not turn towards the boards when they know they are going to be hit.
Also- how awesome was ian lapperierres face?

cristobal said...

Nut. Totally agree with you. Whether or not Zeiler should be skating in the NHL is beside the point. This is a crock of shit call by the league who took no action whatsoever against Ovechkin for headhunting Brown in the last game.
I also like the way there were no "instigator" penalties against the Avs in the aftermath. Fucking ridiculous.

I'll always love Lappy, but he's lying saying that he didn't see the hit. He was looking directly at it and picked up the backhanded pass (which is really why he got pinched akwardly to the boards) from Foote, turned up ice and was ready to continue playing until he realized Foote was injured.