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Monday, November 24, 2008

San Jose Sharks vs Washington Capitals photos

Here are a few photos from the Sharks 7-2 thrashing of the Washington Capitals on Saturday night. Evgeni Nabokov returned to the lineup to backup Brian Boucher, and he is expected to start Wednesday night against Chicago. More photos and notes from the game are available here, and postgame comments from the coaches are available here. Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis was kind enough to answer a lot of questions for me about technology and the NHL prior to the game here, and Offwing.com and AOL's Eric McErlain also answered a few questions for me about the Capitals here.

Naturally Jody Shelley and Donald Brashear fight when I am in the tunnel going from one side of the rink to the other, but hockeyfights.com posted a video clip of the fight here. I am the first to admit I was not as positive about Shelley when he was with Columbus, but scroll through some of his fights this season on HF. He is having an incredible season, and Todd McLellan is throwing him out on a line with Marleau and Thornton late in the game, and sometimes subbing Marleau or Thornton at center on the fourth line. Something to keep an eye on.

Thanks for hitting the highlight video.


Anonymous said...

Nabby is back in black!

PJ Swenson said...

Ovechkin and Douglas Murray had a running fued from the middle of the second period on. Not sure if it started in the first when a Caps forward tried to check him to the ice and was flattened in the process.

In the second, Murray let Ovechkin beat him to a puck in the corner I suppose in order to lay him out with a check. Ovechkin quickly dumped the puck to his right and bailed out to his left. Ovechkin caught Murray with a check against the glass in the third, but he did what a lot of defenseman do, he placed his body up against the glass first and the momentum actually tranferred back to Ovechkin and sent him back in the other direction.

Last half of the third period, Ovechkin was focused as much on headhunting Murray as he was on offense. Reminded me of Murray's 1-on-1 battles with Jarome Iginla in the first round of the playoffs.

Earl Sleek said...

My favorite Shark-related post headline of the day:

Brian Boucher Is Exposing The NHL's Most Overrated Goalie

Take that, Nabokov-for-Vezina apologists! :)

Ang said...

Bashing Nabby should be a crime!

Sarah said...

Nabakov can make some absolutely spectacular saves at times (ask Brad Richards), but at other times he is pretty average.

I like him and all, but I'm not excited to see him back in just because he can play now. Frankly, he hasn't been that impressive this season. Boucher has been awesome and has earned the right to play his hot hand.

brokeyard said...

You can thank SoCal for sending the Capitals to you all battered and broken.

Hostpph said...

A shark mouth isn't nothing like that. it has a lot lines of teeth because their teeth come from his skin (fins)