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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mmm... Doughnuts

Drew Doughty played 27 minutes tonight.


Sean O'Donnell: 0 G, 3 A, +4, 12 PIM

Mathieu Schneider: 1 G, 3 A, -11, 14 PIM


Kyle Quincey: 11 Games, 2 G, 6 A, Even, 6 PIM

Rob Blake: 17 Games, 2 G, 7 A, -2, 24 PIM

Well played, Lombardi.


Chris Kontos said...

Anyone see that interview with Brenden Morrow after the game? Yikes. That Stars ship is a-sinking.

Blatant Self-Promotion Alert:
The interview clip is on my blog

Kevin Y said...

Anyone see that interview with Brenden Morrow after the game? Yikes. That Stars ship is a-sinking

I tried to listen to it, but it was too long, and his voice was too boring.

I'll assume he wasn't in a very good mood after losing two in a row to the KINGS!! Yeah, I wouldn't be very cheerful either.

RudyKelly said...

I think the Stars are in Loser Denial or something. The Kings were the same way until the Rangers shoved a parking cone up their asses.

Earl Sleek said...

Very nicely done, Kings. In all my years as a hockey fan, I've never seen the Dallas Stars at the bottom of the Pacific Division. And frankly, I think I'm enjoying it a bit too much.

jamestobrien said...

There was also an interview with Brad Richards where he wore a borderline mall goth T-shirt and clearly was fighting the urge to cry. It was darkly captivating. I'll post it if I can find it.

Sadly I haven't been able to catch many Stars games so far, although if I did it would just be doom, gloom and more mall goth T-shirts anyway...

cristobal said...

Rudy - Could you explain the parking cone incident?

The Stars were bad at one point in my memory, though it seems so long ago. I've been waiting for them to fall for a while and never understood why they were able to maintain playoff-level while my Kings foundered. I always assumed it was a personal insult from God. I've never seen the Kings leave other teams shaking their heads like they have been this season. It's early but there is a lot to be happy about.
The head to head comparisons with o'donnell/schneider and quincey/blake are never going to convince me of individual talents, but the way the Kings Team is playing together is a joy to see after so many years playoffless.

RudyKelly said...

The parking cone thing is from Billy Madison. I enjoy stupid movies.

Yeah, I'm still not convinced the Kings aren't going to go on a 10-game losing streak in December, but I'll enjoy this little run while it's happening.