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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kings Gameday: Arr?

Los Angeles Kings (3-5-1) vs. Calgary Cammalleris (6-3-1)

7:00 PST, Fox Sports West

This are the lines for tonight's game:


Me and Mutton (the name I gave the dog in the picture) are confused. It was just the game prior that the Kings reunited Patrick O'Sullivan with Anze Kopitar and now the lines have been changed again. Basically the Kings have replaced Alexander Frolov with Patrick O'Sullivan on the stopper line (don't know why), moved Moller to center (don't know why), and moved Stoll from 2nd line center to 4th line winger (haven't a clue). Weird. That 2nd line looks pretty terrible, so hopefully they're not playing big minutes. Should be an interesting game to watch. What would I like to see?



The Kings' biggest problem this season has been their 3rd defensive pairing. Tom Preissing and Peter Harrold are the Kings' best options for that position but they play pretty much the same game. Denis Gauthier brings a physical element but that's about it and he's been killing the team with his defensive play. The Kings need to look into bringing someone up for Gauthier, I reckon. (Reckon?)


Mike Cammalleri is 2nd on the Flames with 11 points in 10 games. He's a fast starter and will probably cool off a little bit, but good for him so far. Todd Bertuzzi is tied for the team lead in goals with 6. He can go fuck himself.

Prediction: Kings win, 5-4 (so). Every goal by Kyle Calder, who then comes to my house and beats me up. Can't say I blame him.


Kevin Y said...

You're predicting a shootout. Are you even allowed to do that? I don't know, it doesn't seem in the "game day prediction" spirit.

So much for the "Reunited, and it feels so good" lyric for Patrick O'Sullivan. I understand why TM is doing this: the team played their worst game of the season on Thursday. Crawford did this a lot last couple seasons. When the team starts to suck, mix it up so they at least suck with different people and so he can say he's "trying".

If this works tonight, then I'll proclaim him a genius. If the Kings fall behind big early, then I'll consider beginning the "we want Crawford" chants, with him being in the booth doing HNIC coverage for tonight's game.

By the way, did I or did I not predict the Kings would be shutout by the Canucks on Thursday? I think I had that one right, unfortunately.

Kirsten said...

WTF is with doing that to Stoll? I dont' understand the way this team works most of the time.

Kent W. said...

At least there's another team that has some nonsensical forward lines (you'll know what I mean when you see Conroy skating with Iginla tonight).

Jargon said...

Word on the street is that Marc Crawford is going to be there for Hockey Night in Canada coverage. Kopitar is getting interviewed (awkward). I blame Crow for the screwy lines.

PJ Swenson said...

In an interview on HNIC Crawford was asked about a string of goaltenders that didn't work out, and he was asked his thoughts on if LaBarbera was the one to provide a lot of solid minutes for the Kings.

Crawford hedged a bit, noted tha LaBarbera has not played well in a couple of games, and said that his focus on conditioning and the work he put in over the summer will pay off during the season.

Anonymous said...

"You're predicting a shootout. Are you even allowed to do that?"

Is there blog police?? If so, Rudy would have been sent up the river along time ago.