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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BoC Gameday—Ducks/Kings: Draw the Rivalry

Los Angeles Kings (8-8-0, t-10th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (7-8-3, t-8th in west)

Tonight FSN will be unveiling the winner of its long-advertised "Name the Rivalry" contest. I warned that this contest was doomed to produce stupid results, and here are the four finalists to demonstrate that: Freezeway Series, Freeway Faceoff, Ice-5 Series and Crosstown Showdown. Don't even tell me which one you prefer; instead just put a bullet in my head if I ever refer to the Ducks-Kings rivalry using any of those.

Instead, why not enjoy a few submissions for a contest that doesn't exist? "Draw the Rivalry" (uh, yeah, I got a little cartoon-happy this weekend):

Portrait style:

Popeye style:

Simpsons style:

For a bonus Kings cartoon, you can check out my latest Fanhouse contribution. Vote for your favorite in the comments, or give me a better idea.

Webbed foot kicks its way out of a king's stomach.
Strong kick by Pahlsson.

(Hey, it worked last time.)

Go Ducks.


Anonymous said...

that last cartoon had me rolling this morning..almost spilled my coffee

dux usually start slow against the queens...always seem to give up the first goal...

Daniel said...

Then the Duck pops out and reveals it is really a Xenomorph and only Ripley can stop it...

I hope it is a good game with lots of physical play and a good fight between Parros and Ivanans.

Anonymous said...

its not a rivarly till pronger throws an elbow....i think mike "calamari"..is about pronger's elbow level a la comrie...hes a great canidate

Earl Sleek said...

Hell, it's not a rivalry until they play a game in North America.

I'd like to see a center-ice fight between J.S. Giguere and J.S. Aubin, though. "I'm the real Jean-Sebastien, dammit!"

Anonymous said...

ive seen gigure get pissed before..throw a chop here and there...that would be awesome to see

p.s. still laughing at that cartoon..looks like the king had some bad chinese food hahaha

p.s.s. u hitting any of these 2 games?

Earl Sleek said...

p.s.s. u hitting any of these 2 games?

Nah, I'll be on my couch for this one and in South Bend, Indiana, on Thursday and the weekend.

I'm not sure what my next game is: I've heard that I'm going to a game in December on somebody else's ticket, but my next Row B isn't until March (OTT).

Anonymous said...

yea im boycotting going to games till the ducks stop playing like an AHL team....cheaper to get drunk and disappointed at my own home

p.s. the ottawa game?..wow..theres no way that game can suck

Anonymous said...

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Miss. Scarlett said...

I quite like Simpson's style but you might be up against some copyright issues :P

Earl Sleek said...

Yes, anything that gets even near a copyright issue gets put here on the much more lawsuit-friendly BoC; AOL gets the non-controversial stuff.

RudyKelly said...

I like to think that the Jean-Sebastian's wouldn't actually throw any punches, but just spend the entire time ducking from one another.

Doogie2K said...

I like to think that the Jean-Sebastian's wouldn't actually throw any punches, but just spend the entire time ducking from one another.

Unless Ryan Smyth agrees to stand between them. Giguere's at least willing to take a swing at him.

Earl Sleek said...

Yeah, this talk reminds me of London, and how it took 5 periods for a fight to break out (and find out that Surprise! Fighting sells overseas too).

With the zero playoff history and the mostly pedestrian regular season series, they probably are better off calling this series "BFF".

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Kings 6, Ducks 0. Jack Johnson finally makes good on his potential and vaporizes Jean-Sebastian "I thought I was the only Jean-Sebastian" Giguere with a laser beam of a slapshot that also destroys the foundations of the Arrowhead Ponda Center, forcing the game to be called early.

OK, maybe that's not a very realistic prediction, but if the Kings can erase a four-goal deficit in the last seven minutes and change, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility anymore (including Anze Kopitar revealing himself as the Second Coming).

And yes, I've been reading way too much LGK lately.

Earl Sleek said...

p.s.s. u hitting any of these 2 games?

Nah, I'll be on my couch for this one...

NEWSFLASH: I'm an idiot. Not only am I going to this game, but I was invited over two months ago.

It's a cool set-up, actually. I'll be somewhere in the upper bowl for the game, but afterwards my pal who invited me and his amateur team get to play on Honda ice after the game ends.

So if you're at the game, you can look out for some guy in a green shirt and even in more need of a haircut, or if you're gullible, stick around afterwards and I'll have wandered down to the lower bowl for the post-game.

Go Ducks! and go Dragons (I think that's what they are called)!

Anonymous said...

u forgot u were going to a ducks game? kings-ducks no less?

I...I....dont even know what to say to that

Earl Sleek said...

Mostly I forgot the date, but yeah, there's not much excuse. I guess I'm not that handy if I don't have a ticket on my person.

Anonymous said...

you should be "willam wallaced" ala end of braveheart movie style

the cool cartoons saves u today

Earl Sleek said...

It's really a function of being way too Row-B-spoiled. If it ain't Row B, I guess it doesn't make its way to my calendar.

Patty (in Dallas) said...

I think I like the Portrait version the best. That is high-larious.

But my real favorite is still the one you have on the sidebar.

Kirsten said...

The Simpsons one is my favorite.

Earl Sleek said...

Well, I guess the pattern is that predicting with a cartoon yields a shootout win (2-for-2).

That's why Anaheim's historically sucked at shootouts. I hadn't found the secret yet.