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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ducks Flameday—Misery loves company

Anaheim Ducks (11-10-4, t-8th in west) at Calgary Flames (10-12-3, 12th in west)

As rotten as things feel in Duckland, I still gotta take comfort that the Ducks remain ahead in the standings of the other two most recent western conference champions (and next two opponents)—the Flames and the Oilers—for now, at least. Talk to fans of any of these recent-glory teams and you'll find a sad tale of disappointment, inconsistency, and general frustration.

I guess I should qualify, as to the naked eye, the Ducks seem to have had an excellent November thus far (7-3-2), but it is a very deceptive record. In the last six weeks (16 games), the Ducks have managed to beat only two teams in regulation—the Kings twice (in three tries) and the Coyotes once (in four tries). Sure, they are finding ways to sneak standings points, but it doesn't appear to be sustainable nor does it suggest anything positive for any playoff success, should they even qualify.

Meanwhile, the Flames have suffered a rotten month of November, both on the ice as well as in the standings. They are 4-8-0 so far this month, and have allowed the 2nd-most 3rd period goals during that stretch (16 3rd period GA over 12 games). Kiprusoff has been a big problem, it seems, though his November stats (2.94 GAA, .879 sv%) aren't very much different from his whole-season stats (2.96 GAA, .886 sv%).

Did you see how angry Mike Keenan got when he had to yank Kipper from the last game?

Anyway, for some Flames perspective, you can always check out the Flame-o-sphere: Matt at Battle of Alberta, Metrognome & friends at Five Hole Fanatics, RealDeal Hockey, HG at double d(ion), Completely Hammered, and Open Ice Hits. One of these days I'll organize our unhelpful sidebar, but that promise is as flimsy as Scott Niedermayer telling us he'll reveal his retirement plans by the end of November (uh, tomorrow, I guess?).

Hey, but somebody's got to win tonight. Maybe it will even be a turn-around game for one of these two squads. In fact, I've got an idea of how everyone can come away a winner.

Prediction: Flames 24, Ducks 2. Calgary comes away with a monumental win, starting its stretch of 12-straight unbeaten. But the real winner is Anaheim, whose pitiful play finally earns a sympathy unretirement from Scott (and if we're really lucky, a sympathy retirement from Bertuzzi). Ducks goals by Pahlsson and Moen.

Go Ducks.


Cheechew said...

Thank god Keenan has a a job already. I don't want to hear his name as a possible replacement for Ron Wilson when he gets the boot

Anonymous said...

haha love the photoshop job hehe...

will we win today? I dunno flip a coin...all I know is Ill have backup viewing options ready to go...and Ill be liquored up...my roomate bought me a bottle of black label whiskey..

RudyKelly said...

Go Craig Conroy!

I think Scott Niedermayer should announce a big press conference for tomorrow, get Burke and the media there, and then announce his retirement. That would be hilarious.

Earl Sleek said...

Scott's starting to hit the end of my rope. Earlier in the summer, on the back of an envelope, I devised an ideal return date for Scott. Basically, I decided if Scott wanted a normal offseason (let's say Blue-Jacket-offseason length), he'd have to return for the Dec. 2nd game vs. Edmonton.

So far that looks out of reach, but that ball better start rolling soon. Scott maybe is getting greedy--maybe he wants a Steve Sullivan offseason instead.

Anonymous said...

rudy I want murder your dog(or cat or lizard or teddy bear or anything thats dear to you) right now!!! do not even speak such things!!!

that would not be funny!!!


Anonymous said...

and earl what the hell happened to schiender? I forget he's on the ice now...that was a cock tease

Unknown said...

Teddy bear?..This seems like the ideal post to use that flaming picture of Wild Wing. Missed oppurtunity, or still too painful?

Anonymous said...

Im admiring the shape of your skull

Earl Sleek said...

and earl what the hell happened to schneider?

Schneidermayer's been OK, although since his return he's been limited to one assist in four games. He's not really the source of much bleeding, though, as he plays pretty easy minutes and sees the penalty-kill from the bench.

Defenders know to watch his shot, though. I haven't seen him wind up too much lately.

This seems like the ideal post to use that flaming picture of Wild Wing. Missed oppurtunity, or still too painful?

I'll leave that one for the Flames bloggers. I'm a big Miyazaki fan--thus the panicked version of Calcifer.

Kent W. said...

This should be interesting. Which can not lose the best tonight??

Anonymous said...

hey what do u know we actually won a game in regulation...next thing u know pigs will fly...earl im really drunk right now...like really...im busy tommorow nite...so ill need some type of recap...a big shout out goes to whiskey and vodka and the 2nd line of the ducks who looks like they actually give a shit now...woot woot