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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This Friday: Game One, Row Two

In the nearly 5 months this blog has been under operation, we have yet to actually see a meaningful game between the Battle of California constituents. Well, patient readers, that all changes this coming Friday, when the new-look Anaheim Ducks open their season by hosting the new-roster L.A. Kings at Honda Center (the arena’s new name becomes official today).

And, as I just found out this morning, I will be in attendance in my three-times-a-season Row B seats, drinking my eight-dollar beers and yelling at multimillion-dollar players. As always, player taunt suggestions are appreciated, both for Kings on the ice or Ducks in the box.

Look out, Kings. The Ducks are opening up the can of Wup Ass, and you're first on the list.

Damn I can't wait.


jamestobrien said...

I actually have an "NHL heckling guide" that I have running in the paper I'm editor in chief for. It's coming out Wednesday.

Show of hands: who at BoC (contributors and readers) would enjoy a modified (read: longer) version of that sometime this week or weekend??

Earl Sleek said...

No fair teasing us like that.

A heckle guide is exactly what I need.

(raises hand)

Anonymous said...

Ducks fans definitely need to learn to heckle better. They're far too polite.

Anonymous said...

What about heckling the refs? My favourite is "have your read the rule book? I'm pretty sure you can get it in braille!"

Oh, and I'm raising my hand for the heckle guide.

Drew said...

Bring on the heckling guide. Everyone could use some tips.

VeryProudofYa said...

Last time I did heckling of any kind was way back when the Cinncinati farm team came to the pond for an exhibition game against the Griffins.
The ref failed to enforce the Trapezoid rule which as at the time being tested. I waited for the perfect moment, right when the crowd died down, and I boomed "HEY REF, PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS".
Needless to say, eveyone in the arena heard the scream of the wild jackass, my friends with me acting as if they had no ties with me at all.

Looking back, I'm surprised I wasn't removed. Oh well, memories.

Anonymous said...

oh damn, it didn't take my comment. *raises hand for heckle-guide* I need it to survive the Ducks v. Kings games. I'm just not any good at it, and I usually prefer not to engage, but I want some ammo for those rivalry games... =D

I'll be at that game, somewhere in row U... lol.


Doogie2K said...
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Doogie2K said...

A heckling guide would be awesome. I'm just not creative enough.

Ask Pronger if it's easier for him to skate with his balls in a jar at home. Oh, and when you do, you have to call him Christie. You have to.