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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween--goalies explain their masks

This was shown on the Edmonton telecast last week. The first part with J.S. Giguere is fairly boring, as he doesn't really address the reason why he wears the worst mask in the league.

However, the real highlight is an out-of-breath, broken-English Ilya Bryzgalov, who does his best to explain the cartoon-logic of his yet-to-be-updated mask design. A lesser Russian might just identify the cartoon characters and move on, but the always-entertaining Ilya likes to elaborate and tell why each character (Disney or not) is appropriate to capture his happy-go-lucky attitude, as well as his desire to be a rich superhero.

Way to go, Bryz, and Happy Halloween, everyone.


HG said...

Bryz is hilarious.

"It's a DARKWINGDUCK. DARKWINGDUCK is a hero and I am too."

"I not order this. Just duck."

ahahahahaha quack.

Miss. Scarlett said...

Happy Halloween Sleek!

"I don't know what this is"
Okay, I sort of love Bryzgalov now. I'm also amazed he knows who Darkwing Duck is. Very integral part of my childhood for sure.

Anonymous said...

We were wondering just what the heck was Bryz doing pre-interview that had him all out of breath! LOL. Seriously, I love that he's this completely weird character with odd interests... in his own world. Really emphasizes how he's sort of... just Bryz. And I love that about him.

Though I understand the palm trees less and less, even though I know they're literally all over the place, esp in Anaheim & LA... *shrug* I just figured you could find a better symbol to signify the state/area, but I don't have any suggestions, so what do I know?

Anonymous said...

i too luff the Scrooch Madugg.

Anonymous said...

wow, Bryz is hilarious.

"Darkwing Duck....is hero. Like me'

Alana said...

I love Bryzgalov. That interview portrays perfectly why he is in my "All Hot" pool.