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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ducks LOSE (kinda)

Who stands tall in the Battle of California?

Sharks beat the Islanders 2-0
Kings beat the Islanders 4-2
Ducks LOSE to the Islanders 5-4 (yeah, yeah, it's a shootout, but I'm trying to talk shit here) -- also with Mike "14 years less on my contract than Rick" Dunham in net!

So much for Anaheim ruling the west! All hail the non-Pronger/Niedermayer teams from California!


Earl Sleek said...

You call this trashtalk? I certainly would have brought up the fact that this looks to be Ted Nolan's first coaching win in a DECADE, and the fact that Anaheim's shootout strategy seems to be shoot before you get to the circles (which not only kills our ability to score, but also gives Giguere false confidence as to his ability to stop shooters).

But hey, maybe you should be holding back a bit. Going to Edmonton tonight? How'd that last visit to Alberta go, eh Sharky?

Oh, and Kings aren't off the hook either. I saw that Blake got his first assist of the year in the NYI-at-L.A. game.

Then I noticed that it was Jason Blake, not Rob. Rob Blake has the same point total thus far as Luc Robitaille.

Sean Zandberg said...

I got 2 words for ya: Mike Dunham!!

VeryProudofYa said...

Well, the sharks didn't face the Magical Mike Dunham.

Normally you wouldn't point at a guy who let in 4 goals as being magical, but he was a theeeeeeeiiififif. :(

At least Prongs put up some numbers.

Bartcal said...

Well, maybe we didn't do so good in Edmonton, but last time I checked, we were just as high in the standings! Besides, every now and then, we need a reminder to keep us sharp. Better now than later.

Go Sharks!