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Monday, May 22, 2006

Up too late after a G2 loss

Um, this was supposed to be inspiring, but I think my favorite NHL team and my favorite TV show are now both tainted...

At any rate, the A Team always had better comebacks than the MD movies.


Anonymous said...

How convenient that you didn't try photoshopping an A-Team cast picture from the Melinda Culea era. (I say Carlyle's head goes on that body)

Earl Sleek said...

(I say Carlyle's head goes on that body)

Carlyle is more of a Stockwell than an Amy Allen.

I think for leaving the team mid-playoffs, Hedstrom would get the Culea body.

Anonymous said...

Earl -- Hear any rumors about why Hedstrom bolted?

"I want to raise my children within Swedish culture." seems to be the standard Tre-Kroner mantra.

Earl Sleek said...

Earl -- Hear any rumors about why Hedstrom bolted?

I hadn't heard anything too conclusive, except that like Kjellberg '03, it was spouse-driven.

Unlike Kjellberg, I think Hedstrom's wife is expecting a child soon or something like that.

Hedstrom did go with Burke/Carlyle's blessing, but I'm not sure if that was just said to make it more palatable.

Earl Sleek said...

Speaking of Kjellberg, the rumor I'm spreading is that his wife desperately wanted to go back to Sweden, and K promised her, "As soon as we lose to the Red Wings, probably 4 games."

4 games later, Kjellberg found himself stuck in another series. "Don't worry, honey. I'm sure the Dallas Stars will send us packing."

Once that failed also, they just upped and left. "Screw this. We'll never lose to the Wild."