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Saturday, May 27, 2006

"I didn't say Ducks in seven; I said Ducks in '07!!!"

Oh man, this was coming. I knew it when we had only a one-goal lead in the first, and when we trailed after two. IN EV IT A BLE.

Read it here for the last time: CONGRATULATIONS OIL. AND GOOD LUCK.

Now for the gripe (only minor this time): We did not deserve the win, but it SUCKS that the game winning goal came on a too-many-men-penalty when the player in question LEAPT INTO ANOTHER GUY'S LAP to avoid the call. It was the "essence" of not getting called, but it was made a penalty nonetheless.

AT ANY RATE, we couldn't get it done, which is not that surprising given the deficit we were trying to come back from.

I cannot be upset with these Ducks for losing in the conference finals. Period. In so many ways, they did not deserve to be there in the first place. Still, the opportunity was there, and we couldn't get it done.

More to come, I'm sure. Note that Ruslan or Vitaly never made it to the penalty box, and apparently Dustin Penner cannot read Russian, even after three tries!!!

Aah, who cares? More drinking. Afterthoughts later.

[Edit: Note that the joke in the headline has worked for the Lakers, Clippers, and Ducks this year, but won't work for another century. Use it now while you still can!]


Anonymous said...

Figures. Try to do something nice for someone, and what do they go and do?

Thanks for the congrats. Considering the Oil were consistently outplayed for at least half the series, you can't really say this was as much of a cruise as the final tally would suggest. Besides, if you throw out the empty-netters, we have four one-goal games and one two-goaler. Tight.

mike w said...

Sorry for the loss. I hate them myself.

Also, the Ducks have everything they need for 2007, and they'll probably have much nicer jerseys to wear to the Dance.

But, please, do us hockey fans a favour and KEEP THE BLOG. It's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

The generous sentiments are respected, Earl. The west playoffs came to be dominated by a bunch of unlikely teams, and the refs certainly made their presence unduly felt in the final round (though the 11-6 penalty ledger, to the benefit of Anaheim should be noted). The less said about doogie2k's vision of history, the better.

Anonymous said...

mad props to you, Earl! ah, who would have thought Rusty and Vish would actually stay on the ice the whole time. thanks anyway!

ok i have had myself a nice long sleep trying to forget this upsetting morning, let's try to move on and look on the bright side. given that all of our rookies' combined age totalled just a square root of pronger's, i say we have a lot of potential in that squad (and lots more cooking in kindergarten, pardon me, Portland). we didn't deserve that win by any means. we did have a glimpse of hope in the second period when we were dictating the game and the oilers absolutely forgot what they needed to do, but they got right back on track. 1 for 11 on pp? you've got to be kidding me.

i think i'll blame it all on my buddy's girlfriend, whom he brought to the game. he must have jinxed it. we literally follow the lucky game's pattern from what beer we ordered and to what shirts we wore that day. he should have known better.

Black Dog said...

Great blog Earl, hope you keep it up.

Congrats to the Ducks on a great year and I'd say they have a bright future.

Anonymous said...

The less said about doogie2k's vision of history, the better.

What, precisely, is wrong with what I said? The Oil were dominated for significant stretches of several games, thanks in no small part to that flu bug, and empty-netters aside, most of the games were up for grabs until the end. Anaheim's power-play gets it done when it needs to, we've got a series here.

Or are you just upset that I gave Anaheim credit at all, instead of blaming the refs? Fine, there were some cheap penalties there (Pronger for "hooking"? My ass.), but none that you couldn't have seen coming the whole damn season, and they did go both ways (I'm still looking for that Penner hook). Besides, blaming the refs, in my view, seldom reflects what actually happened out there.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I have to wait four months for another Ducks game. I'm so depressed.

Anonymous said...

That, by the way, is a really great title to the post. I laughed out loud.

mudcrutch79 said...

I want to join wiht those saying "Great blog, Earl" and say Great blog Earl!

You really should keep this up-the Ducks need a blog.

Anonymous said...

best of luck to you and your Duck's Earl, great blog -- it was definitely needed.

most important accomplishments? you shamed the Flames, you halved the Avs.