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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Mighty finish?

Just a quick post about the name change.

I am personally against it, for various reasons, most notably that really, all team names are stupid. However, if it must be changed, "Ducks" isn't so bad.

At any rate, I had found this picture of proposed logos on a message board a while ago (can't quite remember where); don't know if I'll get in trouble for posting it. Note that this probably came from a cell phone camera, thus the crummy quality.

Um... yay?

No word yet on whether a Cup win changes our plans.


James Mirtle said...

Interesting. I've been wondering what the new logo would look like.

I like what you've got there, and I personally think keeping the name 'Ducks' is a good one. It certainly won't be the worst name in the NHL.

Mike Chen said...

The first one looks like the bastard child of the Kings shield logo and the Thrashers logo.

mike w said...


I'd say, stick with the third jersey concept that the Ducks already have.

d-lee said...

dang. Mike took the words out of my mouth. I hope for Ducks fans everywhere that they don't use the "kings-thrash lovechild" logo and use something different.