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Monday, May 07, 2007

Preview of the Versus Western Conference Finals promo

Here is a preview of the Versus Western Conference Finals promo that should air during the game tonight. Notes and photos from game 6 at HP Pavilion will be posted very late.


PJ Swenson said...

Did Niedermayer have to take out Jannik Hansen so brutally on that play? No love for Denmark.

Anonymous said...

Are either of these teams going to concede before the series begins?

The lady at the sandwich shop I go to had her Cheechoo jersey on and I asked her if they are going to win tonight. She said she hoped they didn't, she would rather lose tonight then get embarrassed by the Ducks in the next round. She was very critical of their lack of desire to win the current series.

Go Sharks!

Earl Sleek said...

The Red Wings are definitely trying to tempt me to root for them in G7, what with the playoff-long injury to Matthieu Schneider and all. That's a little bit drool-worthy.

Time to up the ante, Sharks. If you aren't going to win, at least take a few more DET blueliners out with you (starting with the ones that qualify for social security).

PJ Swenson said...

Sorry, had to fix the video. Correct start time is 6PM pacific.

I want to see blunt force trauma tonight.

RudyKelly said...

I've never been angrier at a team than I am at the Sharks. Ball the fuck up and play like men. What the hell is wrong with them? They look like the Spurs out there.

Unknown said...

Man, that Hansen hit/Niedermeyer shot/Luongo collapse to the ice sequence is the thing dreams are made of...for anyone but Vancouver fans. Damn it all.

Go Sharks.

Temujin said...

No BoC in the Western Conference this year, either.


Go Wings!

tee hee...