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Saturday, May 05, 2007

“I’ve never wanted to smell like Pine-Sol so bad in my life!”

Here's a fun link for your playoff Saturday: Tonight Show comedian Harland Williams makes a Duck Call special, chronicling his day with the Anaheim Ducks.

Among the highlights:

  • Rob Niedermayer gets to challenge someone for having less hockey skill than he does.
  • Ilya Bryzgalov makes a pad save and gets fussy over his equipment.
  • George Parros learns a new fighting tactic.
  • Scott Niedermayer's children hate each other.
It's always nice to see NHL players let down their guard and show some actual personality--much better than using them as shower props to remind us that hockey is back. So check it out, and leave your favorite moment in the comments.

Happy Cinco, everyone!


Anonymous said...

ok so the last game i found a way to watch the game live by using cbc through the vancouver website do you know of a better way to watch it

Anonymous said...

"Have you ever just knocked a guy out with one shot?" "Well, of course."
And that little gut kick...
Kids these days....

RudyKelly said...

I liked the random kick by one of the Niedermayer kids. Not to be rude, but I thought Scott's wife would be hotter.

Miss. Scarlett said...

Hmm...the video doesn't seem to be working for me. On either Firefox or IE. I wanted to see kids beating up on each other!

26forConnSmythe said...

haha that was funny

Jordi said...

Sherry you sick bastard. At least Nieds wife looks like she actually looks after them and not the spanish maid.

Miss. Scarlett said...

Okay, I finally saw it...and that's hilarious.

My favourite part is "Bryz, you can't eat that!"

And the random kick was not as spectacular as I had hoped.