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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cricket sounds in the locker room

Not to steal Anaheim's thunder from the game today, but I saw this on Paul Kukla's site. From the Buffalo News:

Drury issued a challenge to his teammates going into Game Four. He said they had two choices: The Buffalo Sabres could curl and cry their way home or they could come back fighting like dogs. He was speaking in his usual hushed tones, but you better believe it came across loud and clear to his teammates. Stop moaning and quit feeling sorry for yourselves. Show a little resiliency and maybe, just maybe, they could get things turned around before it was too late. Maybe they could strike fear into the Ottawa Senators. Maybe they could do what seemed impossible and win four straight. Maybe there was a little hope after all. “It was the whole locker room, not just me,” Drury said. “Everybody understood what we were up against. It relaxed us. At some point, I don’t know when it was, but some weight was lifted off our shoulders. It was as loose as we had been in a while.”

Would any of the Sharks be able to stand up and say that? This isn't another "Take the C from Patrick Marleau" argument because I'm talking about group leadership here. Chris Drury's not exactly an intimidating Mark Messier-type, but apparently he knows when and what to say. Marleau may have that in him or he may be as quiet as his public persona is. We really don't know because we're not in that locker room. Joe Thornton may have that in him or he may just be a laid-back dude, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there's a difference between roll-with-the-punches and get-really-flaming-mad. Whatever the case may be, good leadership should be a combination of elements. It's obvious that the Sharks are missing this crucial element, and whether that comes from the TEAM mentality of talking but not executing or whether that comes from a lack of an individual like Drury to take charge, well, that's up to the Wilsons to figure it out.


RudyKelly said...

Rationally, I don't think that the Kings signing Chris Drury for 6 million a year in the off-season is a good idea. However, I would be really stoked if we signed him. He's acts (and now looks) like Russell Crowe in "Mystery, Alaska."

Earl Sleek said...

Not to take any thunder away from the Sabres' performance, but I've always been of the mindset that locker room speeches, outside of Hollywood pictures, are generally overrated. I guess it could help everyone focus or something, but I bet there have been better speeches given before pathetic losses also.

Or maybe I'm getting confused by my opinion that Chris Drury is overrated. Seriously, do we need another Drury-the-hero story? Did we really need another GWG from this guy last night (never mind the fact that the Sabres had to surrender two goals in order to make Drury's shot the game-winner)?

Anyway, I think the NHL media-heads make a lot out of Drury already--the only thing that makes this speech special was retrospectively, they won.

Mike Chen said...

the only thing that makes this speech special was retrospectively, they won.

Very true. And again, Marleau MAY have actually said something similar to the Sharks and the team (including himself) didn't respond. Who knows?

Jibblescribbits said...

Marleau makes $4.5M/year. Drury is going to make $6M.. I am intrigues at the possibility of the Sharks working on a contract with Drury and doing a sign-and-trade with Buffalo.

Even though I gope it doesn't happen... My avs are going to have the cap space to sign him