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Monday, August 28, 2006

Shark Week bites back

In lieu of my 2,500 word essay on the resigning of minor-league defenseman Bruno St. Jacques, I’m deferring to PJ over at Sharkspage who is running a series of Shark Week posts, including a year-in-review and a look at hockey in the golden state. I’m sure more is coming throughout the week, but in today’s post PJ issued a nice northerly-directed challenge:

"I believe I can accurately sum up the crux of this Hockey News issue and this blog post as a firm challenge directed by California at the province of Alberta. We Californians may not know what a province is, we may not paint ourselves blue and red and hang from streetlights in Mexican wrestling masks after a single playoff win, but we can guarantee that the Stanley Cup will be visiting here before stepping foot on Albertan soil again."
Beware of those Sharks and their vicious bite. Ouch.


J.R. said...

Judging by that image, the "bite", more like a nibble took out Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg, and missing Edmonton completely. Thanks.

The San Jose Sharks = The St. Louis Cardinals of the NHL.

Earl Sleek said...

Making fun of my lunchtime graphics, eh?

You guys missed the bigger issue, the fact that the Shark first ate the 24 "lower province" teams, apparently.

Anonymous said...

California has two very nice NHL clubs and the Los Angeles Kings. One of the two good teams could go all the way this season.

The Oakland Seals will win a Stanley before the Kings.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't make that guarantee at all! Calgary could very well win this year. It's a toss up of sorts between the Flames, Sharks, and Ducks at this point IMO. I wouldn't even put 50 bucks on a California team winning it before an Albertan team. Albertan teams can really fucking hustle come playoff time, and they now have money to spend on proven talent.

Kent W. said...

...Just bitter because of the Kiprusoff thievery Sutter pulled back in 03/04.