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Monday, August 07, 2006

A quicker glance at the Northwest

According to the last post's comments, screw the analysis. Show us some cartoons!

Well, this is all I got for now. Meet your Northwest Division:

From left to right: The Edmonton Oilcan, the Vancouver OrCanuck, the Calgary Flame, the Colorado AvalanchYeti, and the (ouch!) Minny Wild.

Uh, as for analysis, these teams all look reasonably good, I guess. I bet _______ wins the Northwest, and ________ and ________ should be playoff-bound.

Anyone want to fill in the blanks for me?

[Edit: Here is a cartoon I made back when the Oil were up three games to none against the then-Mighty Ducks. There's your wallpaper, Alana :) it even involves cooking.]


Anonymous said...

Minny Wild? LOL! That is hilarious!

jamestobrien said...

I have a heart of coal, yet even I can't get over the cuteness...

Great work as always.

mike w said...


Alana said...

I love the swedish chef! "Borgy borgy borgy..."

Kent W. said...

There's something eerily phallic about that oil can.

Anonymous said...

That was confusing. I thought Minnie represented Anaheim (for obvious reasons...). Yes, I know they are not in that division..