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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Faulty logic prevents Ducks from being preseason favorite

I got some pushback last week for posting about The Hockey News feeding Canada's delusions, but hockey's version of Mad Magazine has done it again.

I got my 2006-07 THN Yearbook in the mail the other day, and was quite startled to learn that this reputible publication had selected the Anaheim Ducks to secure top seed in the Western Conference. Right here on page 61, if you're following from home:Fortunately, I managed to read as far as the third paragraph:Holy smokes I must have been really drunk! I completely missed out on games six and seven!

Well, Mr. Mike Brophy, thanks for putting that glaring error right next to your little tag-photo, otherwise that dunce-cap addition would have been tougher to pull off.


J.R. said...

I don't even think it was the then Mighty Ducks who "pushed" the Oilers to five games. That was in fact the flu.

Re: Anaheim being the SC favourite. Check out this season's winner. Carolina -- no stud defenceman on their roster. Neither did Buffalo. Again Brophy isn't thinking with his "select a team to win the Stanley Cup based on its defense."

Item of the day: Cancel Hockey News (sic) subscription.

The Puck Stops Here said...

I hope you (JR Hippe) are not trying to suggest Carolina won the Stanley Cup because they lacked any stud defencemen. Wouldn't want to make this lgical fallacy.

Alana said...

That's incredible. What a maroon!

Robert L said...

Carolina won the cup because every roadblock jumped out of their way. Dubious rules, blind refs, and timely injuries opened the door. It's a fact Canes fans can't get over. If they don't win it next year, and they won't, they will go down in history as the least worthy of Cup winners.

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, I should clarify that I am poking fun, the THN yearbook is in fact a quality publication, and in fact, this is the only mistake I've noticed thus far.

Still, when you get your chance, gotta get your digs in.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Earl. Jumping on Brophy for this kind of error won't happen all that often. Good to see took advantage of it!

In the words of Lisp Brophy: "Fuck you, Mithter Thleek. Thereth nothing wrong with my thspelling....ath hole!"

James Mirtle said...

Broph's a good guy — that there should be the editor's job to fix!