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Friday, October 17, 2008

How to kill a hockey fan

I have to run to meet up for the game tonight, but this absolutely sucks. The Oilers brass, in an effort to give their pressbox the charm of a low-security prison, have not only prevented CiO's Dave from not only liveblogging from that lofty perch (which he seemed willing enough to do when condescendingly lectured), but have basically ruined the will of one of the Oilogosphere's faithful to even root for the team.

I haven't thought this through very well, but basically, Goddamn it.


Mike in OC said...


You know watching the free broadcast on Center Ice today of Edm. Vs. Calgary I noticed that all the safeway supermarkets did not die.

In fact, I think they are doing pretty damn well because they offered a 1 million dollar giveway to lucky fans that get chosen. All they need is for a Calgary player (they did not say any player in particular, but it's probably in the fine print that it only apllies to Cory Sarich) to score 5 goals.

that's it? no problem...money in the bank baby!

Mike said...

It's amazing how removed from reality these guys can be. Don't actively piss off your customers, especially the most loyal and vocal ones. Hockey is such an insular community- sometimes it seems like about 50 different guys just swap jobs every few years. And now they can't even see their own antiquated bullshit.

jamestobrien said...

This sucks. This really really really really sucks.

Doogie2K said...

I would understand the Oilers' issue if he was specifically barred from live blogging, but he wasn't until two hours in. It's pretty stupid, all around.