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Monday, October 06, 2008

Dallas Stars: new darlings of the MSM?

Edit/Update: What has long been rumored is true: I'm an idiot. Sorry, Linda. I love your accent. Hope that we can work through this.

ESPN came out with their "expert" picks today (Linda Cohn ... an NHL expert? Huh?).

Three out of 6 experts chose a BoC team to win the Stanley Cup and two of them predicted it would be the Dallas Stars (the other BoC team expected to win the Cup was media darling of yore, San Jose).

The Stars were the pick of two of the more respectable ESPN.com NHL writers Scott Burnside and David Amber (although Burnside picked Brian Campbell to win the Norris ... come on Burnside, you're better than that!).

Pierre LeBrun, ESPN.com's blogger* picked the Sharks to raise the Cup.

(Linda Cohn picked the New York Rangers. Sources could not confirm if the pick was made based on bright colors.)

Most notably, five out of six "experts" picked Dallas to win the Pacific with only LeBrun taking the Sharks. Interesting.

* Am I the only person a little bit bothered by the ESPN.com embrace of blogs? That being said, the WWL is welcome to pay me gobs of money. No, really. If you insist.


brokeyard said...

From Wikipedia:

As a teenager, Cohn, a New Yorker, demonstrated talent at ice hockey, joining her high school's boys team for eight games. She is also an avid New York Giants, New York Mets, New York Knicks and New York Rangers fan.

jamestobrien said...

Welp, I've never been one for research. Serves me right. Heh.

Lidstrom deserves more than a Norris. The guy is the straw that stirs the drink on the most dominant franchise in the NHL.

Give him a Hart, for the love of God.

Anonymous said...

He'll never get a Hart because he isn't flashy and doesn't hit - which is the same reason he got shorted for Norris trophies before he actually started winning. He isn't a physical player and never has been - unlike Phaneuf.

I think Lidstrom consoles himself with Stanley Cups.

RudyKelly said...

So, Anaheim's winning the division then?

Earl Sleek said...

Seriously. I'm encouraged by the lack of ESPN votes.

I'm not even sure I'd classify ESPN as part of the MSM (the terms certainly are distinct in my mind). MSM, for the most part, does cover hockey.

hockeychic said...

Dallas winning the Cup? Hmm, not unless the Wings get badly injured or something but then when did ESPN know what it was talking about in regards to hockey.

Alexander Dubcek said...

I'm not even sure I'd classify ESPN as part of the MSM (the terms certainly are distinct in my mind). MSM, for the most part, does cover hockey.

We're no longer including the L.A. Times in MSM?

But, seriously, ESPN's NHL coverage has been abysmal post-lockout, especially on the web site. EJ Hradek is a joke, and I was so glad they stopped giving Linda Cohn a weekly column last season since hers were always unreadable. Buccigross is at least passionate about hockey and often interesting, though it can be a bit insufferable to have to read about what's in his CD player this week, or about the time Shjon Podein killed, field dressed and ate a skunk.

Mike in OC said...

They do know that Detroit is the same team as last season with the ADDITION of Hossa.

Dallas is going to be good no doubt, but the team that should be considered a: failed season with anything other than a cup is Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Linda Cohn is a big hockey fan. She had her own column in the hockey section since 2 years ago. I emailed her once about a great article she did on tim thomas of the bruins. You should see sportcenter during middle of november, when the rotation ends up being her and Bucci on the same night. It's like 2 hockey geeks taking over the sportcenter desk. It's brilliant stuff.