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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I need your suggestions for hockey orphan

Very quickly into my perusing of the hockey blogosphere, it became clear that there are a ton of NHL team blogs and sometimes very little to suggest that one is empirically or artistically or functionally superior.

We all gravitate to blogs that feature our favorite teams and, once we've covered our teams, then maybe our favorite writers. Or Photoshops.

I figured posting this on BoC first would be the best move while Cycle like the Sedins works through its training wheels stage.

Simply put, I want to know what other blogs BoCers follow: blogs that capture the spirit of their team or at least deliver a helluva one-liner.

Naturally, teams such as Washington, Edmonton, Detroit and Pittsburgh are covered very nicely (not to mention the BoC teams of course).

But what about other teams? Are there some heavyweights one cannot ever forget? What about some "diamonds in the rough"? Feel free to nominate your own blogs, your best friend's blog or a blog owned by someone you want to see naked. It matters little to me.

Don't be shy.


Mr. Plank said...

I know this is a favorite of BOC, but Covered In Oil rocks. Four Habs Fans is good as well.

Gautham Ganesan said...

I second the Covered in Oil nomination. Other terrific blogs include Interchangeable Parts, Melt Your Face Off and Empty Netters. Guess I might as well plug my blog, Bleed Teal here as well.

Connie said...

He Score, He Shoot. It's intelligent and flipping hilarious.

brokeyard said...

I read BoC, Sleek's Pucktoons, and once every 8 weeks I check out Battle of the Pacific.

I also read TonyHomo.com when that was active for its insane hilarity (Burgers!) but that has nothing to do with Hockey.

jamestobrien said...

HAHAHA, Tony Homo.com.

I've spoken to the good folks at Covered in Oil and I (think) they might have the time to write a hockey orphan entry. CinO was one of the very first blogs I ever fell in love with.

Anyone know of a good blog for the Atlanta Thrashers/Eastern Conference teams not located in Pittsburgh??

Thanks for the recommen-dache so far guys.

Doogie2K said...

Four Habs Fans, Theory of Ice, and Eyes on the Prize are all regular Habby stops for me.

Abel Prado said...

The guy that wrote Tonyhomo.com is named Amir Blumenfield. AKA, old co-webworker of mine when I did some lame articles for collegehumor.com.

Anonymous said...

I like the Leafs blog Down Goes Brown. His subtitle is "A Toronto Maple Leafs blog dedicated to the misery of the 80s, the semi-glory of the 90s, the even worse misery of today, and the faint hope that it's technically possible that things may get better before we all die."

How can you not love that kind of attitude? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and for the Senators I like Senators Lost Cojones over at Five for Smiting http://fiveforsmiting.blogspot.com/

(And here's Down Goes Brown:

Kirsten said...

The Wild blogosphere is pretty large. I recommend Elise from 18,586 Reasons Why. She's an aspiring journalist.

Also, if you can get her Margee of Sportsquee is HILARIOUS.

jamestobrien said...

Excellent suggestions, guys. Figured the Habs would have some great bloggers so this is good to know for both the blog and my own reading.

Keep 'em coming.

Kirsten said...

Also No Pun Intended (Wings/Pens), Jibblescribbets (Avs), and Barry Melrose Rocks are regular stops for me.

Anonymous said...

Lowetide is another good Oilers one.

Anyone know of any good Vancouver blogs?

Chris Kontos said...

Nothing beats BOC, but I just started a modest Kings blog. http://theroyalhalf.blogspot.com/

Earl Sleek said...

BTW, I have been invisible a bit, but Down Goes Brown and The Royal Half have been added to the BoC sidebar.

In terms of eastern content, two blogs I'd like to highlight can be found in the sidebar:

The Litter Box (FLA)
Carolina On Ice (CAR)


Anyone know of any good Vancouver blogs?

Orland Kurtenblog is a huge winner on that end.