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Saturday, January 12, 2008

NHL Gameday: Obligatory Gloat Post

Detroit Red Wings (33-8-4, 1st in west) at Ottawa Senators (28-10-4, 1st in east)

A lot of people will look at today's hockey schedule and note that the top two teams are meeting up today. While that's certainly an intriguing angle, I prefer to see two teams that really, really wish they could have won a critical game four last spring when Anaheim's best player was serving a one game suspension.

Prediction: Rudy's noted it below; west is going to win. After the game, though, both teams share in a big "I hate Pronger" hug.

Go Ducks.


RudyKelly said...

So you put up a gameday post for two teams that aren't in California, purely so you could gloat that you beat them a year ago? I'm impressed.

Earl Sleek said...

I'm petty like that.

Still, it's probably my last opportunity, and it is sort of a big event (it'll mean more to me than the All-Star Game result). To make up for it, here's a better game preview, courtesy of Fanhouse.

Earl Sleek said...

And sort of on the looking-back topic, think about the Ducks' path to Stanley:

Minnesota - Vancouver - Detroit - Ottawa

It strikes me that path has gotten even tougher this year; what team could beat those four 4-of-7 all in a row? I don't even know if last year's Ducks could do it this year.

8 teams have 24 wins or more, and these are 4 of them. All with a special bloodlust for the Ducks. Sweet.

Miss. Scarlett said...

I'm petty like that.

I'd expect no less. You just be sure you watch yourself :P

Michael said...

The entire nation of Canada outside the 416 and 905 area codes would like to thank California for putting the remaining nails into the Leafs Nation.

I didn't know euthenasia was legal in California.

Earl Sleek said...

It seems like California has put the nails in a lot of Canadian coffins.

The Flames in '06, the Oilers the summer following, Vancouver and Ottawa this spring, and now Leaf Nation.

Look out, Montreal. You're next.