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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Face time with Stanley

I asked Hockey Hall of Fame Keeper of the Cup Mike Bolt a few questions about the Stanley Cup Tuesday at the 2008 ECHL Allstar Skills Competition in Stockton. More notes about the video are available here, and a link to the video is up on youtube here.

There is just enough room for a non-Anaheim Californian team on the lower ring. Bolt also mentioned that a few of the names that were carved on the inside of the Stanley Cup have been removed, and that those happened before the Cup had a 24-hour escort from the HHOF.


Earl Sleek said...

Nice video, PJ. I was particularly impressed with Bolt's ability to answer questions I'm sure he's hearing for the thousandth time, and I was also impressed at your restraint from demanding that Pronger's name get x'd out.

Charity said...

PJ - he's a really chill guy, that Bolt. I met him at a Ducks event as well. He gave a similar speech/presentation to the kiddies @ Newport Sports Center a month or two ago. :) I'm glad you got to pick his brain a bit. He's like... a Champion on Jeopardy when it comes to Cup knowledge. I asked if the Cup had ever been stolen, and he doled out the dates and story! But, he said, "Not on my watch, though."


Thought I'd share.

Charity said...

and I really meant, the Newport Sports MUSEUM... not center.

Kirsten said...

How did you resist the temptation to demand that Pronger's name get crossed off? Clearly you have better self control than I do.

Everytime the Cup comes to Minnesota, there isn't time for question asking like that, because there are too many people wanting to see the Cup for anyone to get to spend much time.

PJ Swenson said...

Kirsten, I actually got to talk to him before the doors opened. Thank the Stockton Thunder and the ECHL for that.

I have heard a few of the colorful travel stories, and it was interesting to tell a few of them to Mike Bolt, and mention a few of the photos I liked, and almost after every one he said "I took that photo".

Kirsten said...

That's REALLY cool. Colour me jealous.