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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We Have A Sleek Sighting

Green shirt? By the penalty box? Hot damn, it's our favorite Ducks blogger, live on Versus! Check out the bottom left/middle of the screen cap (and check out my crappy non-HD TV).

[SLEEK EDIT: Oh, and if you want some audio to go with this playoff image, you can check out my postgame interview with Alanah on thecrazycanucks.com. I guess I'm surprisingly articulate, considering the consumption issues I was dealing with.]


Jordi said...

Jesus Sleek should just wear a bright pink shirt, that way he'll be on TV every match. Though I like the where's wally intrigue that comes with it.

Earl Sleek said...

Totally me, I knew I was spottable because there wasn't another green shirt within two sections of me.

Props to commenter Jeff, who despite the Canucks trailing, still came by to say hi.

You might notice (if Mike had a better TV) that I'm not wearing a hat, but that's because of my new "brother's wedding" haircut. I kept a hat strapped to my belt, and sure enough, it hit the ice on McDonald's third goal.

Meanwhile, the PA announcer: "Folks, this isn't a towel trick."

Anonymous said...

I thought that was him in the green. For a better view, check out right after Selanne took a penalty in the second. I believe he is the person standing up, taking a picture he will hopefully post on this blog. I'll miss him now that he's famous.

Who knew he was so thin? I must get his sectets.

Anonymous said...

Great meeting you Earl, even if it was brief. Hope to have a longer chat at Game 5. If we make it! :(

What's with the towel throwing? Was that a protest of their ugly and non-sensical color? :)

Check out Alanah's blog tomorrow, I wrote a post for her.

Anonymous said...

I saw Sleek after Selanne's penalty too. I said, "hey, there's Sleek!" My wife said, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Julian said...

Thanks Sleek!

I can't take credit. I'm pretty sure BoA did it last year.

Anonymous said...

I saw Sleek in person at the game. It was great seeing you again, though you did look a bit drunk.

I'm totally jealous of your seats, since mine are so high. Then again, I can't complain, at least I'm there.