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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Now I'm going to hell for sure

(Author's note: I don't even have the right to brag about most of this, as I care little for baseball and very little for basketball, and the Ducks aren't out of the woods yet with the pesky Wild. But what the hell? I'm feeling cocky today.)

2002 MLB playoffs, Round Two:
(4) Anaheim Angels defeat (3) Minnesota Twins 4-1
Angels win the last four games of the series.

2003 NBA playoffs, Round One:
(5) Los Angeles Lakers defeat (4) Minnesota Timberwolves 4-2
Lakers win the last three games of the series.

2003 NHL playoffs, Round Three:
(7) Mighty Ducks of Anaheim defeat (6) Minnesota Wild 4-0
Mighty Ducks allow only one goal in the series sweep.

2004 NBA playoffs, Round Three:
(2) Los Angeles Lakers defeat (1) Minnesota Timberwolves 4-2
Lakers win all three games at home.

2007 NHL playoffs, Round One:
(2) Anaheim Ducks defeat (7) Minnesota Wild 4-1
Ducks win all three games at home.


Anonymous said...

Good thing I don't believe in jinxes, or I might have said you've done the Ducks in.

You are going to hell for that pic, but probably just the first Circle. I hear it's not so bad.

She said...

Dear god, that's funny, Earl. Your best cartoon ever. (tears still streaming down my face)
Sadly, I won't share this one with my son.

Mike Chen said...

Dude, that is the most awesome/disturbing picture involving county lines that I've ever seen.

Earl Sleek said...

Your best cartoon ever.

Certainly my edgiest.

Something about sodomy and cartography, they're not that funny on their own, but put 'em together, and it's pure gold.

RudyKelly said...

I think what gets me is the face on California. He's making sure Minnesota feels it.

Mike said...


I'd also like to see CA having its way with Tennessee. Mike or PJ?

Tonka Time said...

What are you going to do if Anaheim faces San Jose. Well there be some kind of cartography self love then?

Earl Sleek said...

eyeris, I would call you disgusting if the idea hadn't already occurred to me yesterday.

If the Pacific teams (plus Detroit) can win out, then we'll find out pretty soon, I suppose.

Mike said...

Wow, that's the best image ever.

Charity said...

i want you to know that's profoundly disturbing.




... but funny, in a very twisted, inappropriate way.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I agree, that made my day.

Thanks for that Earl!

Sodomy and cartography make the best of buddies ;)

Anonymous said...

The best thing about this post is that the Lakers moved from Minnesota and the Sharks were initially a chunk of the old North Stars. State rape to be sure.

Jordi said...

AHAHAHAHA. Oh lord I feel so dirty just looking at it.

Boogeyman's Sparring Partner said...

Hey Brad May has balls man. They're just in a jar on Boogaard's shelf.

kw said...

Somebody got bent over last night and it certainly wasn't Minnesota.

Earl Sleek said...

"This guy has a point, but he's still a dick."

Or so says some guy I've never heard of who's linking to this post.

Love it.

AdamBez said...

You could have at least have MN flipped around the correct way, it is still really true though. touché

Scot said...

There is football missing

1/6/90 San Francisco 41, Minnesota 13 NFC Divisional
1/1/89 San Francisco 34, Minnesota 9 NFC Divisional
12/31/78 L.A. Rams 34, Minnesota 10 NFC Divisional
1/9/77 Oakland 32, Minnesota 14 Super Bowl XI
12/27/70 San Francisco 17, Minnesota 14 NFC Divisional

12/26/88 Minnesota 28 , L.A. Rams 17 NFC Wild Card
1/9/88 Minnesota 36 , San Francisco 24 NFC Divisional
12/26/77 Minnesota 14 , L.A. Rams 7 NFC Divisional
12/26/77 Minnesota 24 , L.A. Rams 13 NFC Championship
12/29/74 Minnesota 14 , L.A. Rams 10 NFC Championship
12/27/69 Minnesota 23 , LA Rams 20 NFL West Championship

Anonymous said...

being from minnesota this should insult me, but the face on our grand state just makes me laugh.