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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Live blogging Sharks/Ducks here tonight

So, PJ and Earl Sleek are going to be live and in-person drinking at the Duck Pond. To hold down the fort for the biggest regular season game of the year, I'll be liveblogging the game tonight right here at the BoC. The only caveat is Fox Sports is going to be joining the game after the Warriors game finishes up so the first 15 minutes may just me bitching. Check back tonight and join in the fun!


Charity said...

I tried liveblogging once. hated it. have fun, esp. if Sleek is gonna start drinking!!! (see ya there guys - remember, warm-ups, glass, 224. be there or be gay...er, square, I mean.) hehe j/k.

Earl Sleek said...

so the first 15 minutes may just me bitching

I'm hoping the last 15 minutes as well.

Go Ducks!

warm-ups, glass, 224

I rarely get there in time for warm-ups, but I've ditched work today, so maybe today's a good day for that.

LoneSharks said...

Are really going to come in late after the Dubs game? That's terrible. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth: I hope Center Ice uses the Anaheim feed. (Their color guy is easily the worst in the league among entrants not named "Terry Crisp." I can never remember his name, but the guy ALWAYS talks through play and the play-by-play guy has no chance to actually call the action. Sharks fans may have noticed this during Saturday's NBC game.)

Anonymous said...

Brian Hayward. The worst color man in the league's name is Brian Hayward.

Earl Sleek said...

kelpfreak is correct. I will say out of perspective that I love when Hayward does outside jobs for NBC; the Ducks broadcasts are much more enjoyable with radio-man Brent Severyn doing the color.

I used to DVR Ducks games to skip through commercials. Now I start watching even later to skip a lot of Hayward also.

dbushik said...

You know, the thing about Hayward is he's actually knowledgable. He had a webcast thing a few years ago on NHL.com with Davidson, and they were actually both really good when not in front of the camera.

His big tragic flaw (in the Greek sense) is that he knows all too well on which side his bread is buttered. He simply is not objective or fair in his commentary. He's like FOX News for Ducks fans.

I mean, I hate the guy as an announcer, don't get me at all wrong. There are lots and lots of terrible terrible terrible color guys out there in hockey. Try sitting through a Terry Crisp broadcast. Hayward is bad, but there are guys out there who are spectacularly bad.

Oh yeah, and go sharks!

LoneSharks said...

In my defense I did say Terry Crisp is the worst. Whoa nellie what an obnoxious homer. I could see Hayward being a knowledgable guy but he has no sense of timing. I think since he doesn't need a play by play guy telling him what is going on he doesn't think anyone else does either. I'm not an amatuer fan but I don't have a media guide in front of me with team rosters in it. Hayward is a bad homer but I still think Crisp is the worst. Did anyone notice when he jabbed the Sharks D on Sunday? Whoever the play-by-play guy was he was impressed with the Sharks but Hayward was doing everything possible to avoid praising them. Classy.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Crisp and Roger Millions do indeed rank above Hayward for pure, TV-sports douchebaggery, but living and watching hockey in SoCal for the past few years, I've had the chance to hate him more often.

Quantity over quality, I guess.