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Friday, November 10, 2006

Streak ends in Calgary

No no, not this streak.

The mighty Ducks finally lost, their 16-game point streak killed by the Kipper and his stifling Flames. 19 seconds of suck surrounded by 59:41 of pretty tight play.

As an aside, I'm really surprised Ilya Bryzgalov has only had 5 starts thus far this year--given his gaudy playoff numbers, I would have guessed a lot more regular rotation, a la San Jose's Evgesa Toskbakov or L.A.'s Datthieu Clouron.

It's not like Ilya has been that disappointing. He's won 3 of those 5 starts, surrendering a total of 3 goals (granted, against Chicago and Phoenix twice). The other two games Coach Carlyle has yanked the crazy Russian after allowing but 2 goals against Dallas and 2 goals against Calgary. Even after surrendering 2 goals on 3 shots in the first period tonight (neither of which were terrible, by the way), he still walks away with a 1.84 GAA and a .924 sv%, some pretty strong numbers.

Not much leash for Breezy, it seems, but it allows him to pursue another asterisked Duck record: consecutive games surrendering 2 goals or less.

Methinks Calgary is getting its groove back. Well, at least the guy that matters.

12 - 1 - 4. Start the trade rumors.


VeryProudofYa said...

Kipper was ace the entire night. If there's one good thing about the Ducks loss from my perspective, it's that I've got Kipper on my fantasy team.

Did anyone catch Ryan Shannon with the hip check down in the corner?

Or at least, that's who it appeared to be. Of course the broadcast I'm watching is provided by the flames and features no highlights of a flame getting flipped by a duck, but about 79 highlights of Dion glancing across Getzlaf

Anonymous said...

That guy in the picture must have had too much of that Canadian Ginger Ale I've heard so much about. ;-)

I read that he slipped on the ice and knocked himself unconscious. I guess it will be something that he'll tell his grandchildren about.

If he makes it that far.

Anonymous said...

Hey Earl - There was a post yesterday called "Ice Chips" that I had loaded in my browser, but never got a chance to read, and now it's gone.

What gives?

Earl Sleek said...

roddie, I don't know. Mike Chen wrote that one and now it's gone.

I read it, but I don't know why it was deleted, that's a question for Mr. Chen.

I didn't touch it.