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Friday, November 17, 2006

Sleek's Poetry Corner, Part 2

Also: Chicago Blackhawks (6-9-2, 12th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (13-2-4, 1st in west)

It's not as good as my Ode to Beauchemin, but it was about time I expressed my man-love to Sammy, consistently Anaheim's best forward and quite easily my favorite player in the NHL.


S ome fans like scorers, some fans like squee,
A s for Earl? He’s a sucka for ol’ Sammy P.
M aster of Defense, Penalty Killer, and Pest,
U nrelenting, Hard-working, Sammy’s the best!
E very night he faces another top line,
L eading Duck forwards in average ice time.

P uck-pressuring forecheck gives Ducks a lift,
A gain and again, I say, “Jeez, whatta shift!”
H e’s killing this year, with Moen and R. Nieds,
L ike he did playing with the gold-winning Swedes.
S elke may have been a good checking forward,
S crew him, though! It should be the Pahlsson Award!
O h Sammy, if you’re reading, one thing I must say,
N ever ever leave Anaheim. This God I pray.

Prediction: 4-3 Ducks. Pahlsson scores 'em all.


Sean Zandberg said...

Nice! I probably couldn't beatbox to it, but it would be close.
You have been linked to by The Checking Line blog. They say you should leave rapping to Eminem! yuk yuk

HG said...

I'm sure that Ray Emery could lay a beat down for you and it would hit #5 on the charts.

Miss. Scarlett said...

Oh Sleek, that's adorable :P

#5 on the charts? I know I'd buy it.

VeryProudofYa said...

Too bad such a tune had to be disgraced by another Ducks loss.

They again dominated play, and again walked away with a loss. Bryz had his first shootout, but he probably shouldn't have. That last goal was a big yeesh moment.

Something I noticed during the game were ducks being too cute. Such as a breaking winger sending a pass to someone else with a WORSE shooting angle. I know you wouldn't expect a need for more shots to be a critique after they fired off 45 shots, and that's not what I'm saying. They need to take SMARTER shots.

Earl Sleek said...

I probably couldn't beatbox to it, but it would be close.

Aw, you're not impressed by the vertical spelling?

Alana said...

Nice work, Earl. I always love your poems.

tru said...

You are my new best friend.

Sammy for Selke!

Just after the lockout, I wasn't able to attend select-a-seat and made my husband check with Burke on whether he was going to re-sign Sammy.

Anonymous said...

sammy pahlsson rocks. i'm so glad he's finally getting some recognition.

Anonymous said...

will this still work?

Enjoy him Chicago, I'll be watching for Sammy's sake.

Earl Sleek said...

will this still work?

Blogger never quits!

We're missing you at the new digs, Anonymous!