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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Drinky Math: How do you spell "Cheechoo?"

Well, I spell it like this:

That guy only knows two kinds of streaks, Cold or Hot, and not much in between. 4 goals in 2 games against the Ducks, which was preceded by a seven game goalless streak, that followed a 5 goals in 7 game stretch, that followed a 1 goal in 9 game slump, and well, you get the picture.

Well, I got curious about one thing, and here's what I found out:

Fuckin' Cheechoo has been murdering his BoC brothers since the lockout.

  • C/HeeC/Hoo vs. Anaheim, 15 goals in 12 games (5 multi-goal games, 1.25 g/gm, Ay carumba hot!)

  • C/HeeC/Hoo vs. Los Angeles, 11 goals in 13 games (4 multi-goal games, 0.85 g/gm, still a lot of hot!)

  • C/HeeC/Hoo vs. non-California, just 54 goals in 117 games (8 multi-goal games, 0.46 g/gm, lotsa cold there). The most he has scored against any other team is 6, despite the fact that three non-CA teams have had more games against the Sharks than either the Kings or Ducks.
Since the lockout, roughly one-third of Cheechoo's goals and more than one-half of his multi-goal games have come against the BoC teams.

That's fucking prejudice, man.

[Oh yeah, picture above stolen from PJ's picture pages. Awesome stuff.]

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