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Monday, September 11, 2006

Stupidity on my Garage Wall, Part 1

(Alternative Title: Sleek acquires a digital camera and uses it for this?!)

So my roommate and I, both Duck fans, also somewhat share a weird artistic side. As such, we had made it one of our 'projects' to paint a mural on one wall of our garage. Actually, it started with pencil drawings, then things escalated during the lockout.

Mostly the stuff is a collection of weird jokes or tribute pictures to favorite stuff of ours, and a lot of progress happened when we were drinking--as such, it could probably be used in a court of law as proof of insanity.

Right now it sort of sits a dead project; nothing new has happened in months. But here's the extent of the damage thus far:
In part one exploring this wall, we will focus on hockey-crossover, some of the nutty junk my roommate and I put on our wall that to some degree has to do with hockey.

Miyazaki hockey (all coming from the must-see Spirited Away):
Featured: Noh-Face holding the cure for Hepatitis A (hello, Elias!)
Dust sprite with hockey stick
Kamaji the multi-tasking goalie

Star Wars hockey: Featured (notably): Obi-Wan Kenobi--"These aren't the seats you're looking for... Move along."
Storm Trooper to Jabba the Hutt--"Maybe we should switch goaltenders... Vader is breathing pretty hard..."
Jar-Jar to Chewbacca--"MEESA TEAMMATE"
Lucky Luc Robitaille, "Luc, Luc, Use the Force..."

D.C. Comics Hockey:

This is one of the best things on the wall. It really was a strange collaborative effort, in that my roommate drew Wonder Woman before I drew Lindros. If this mural ever gets finished, this would be the centerpiece.

So hopefully this inspires you also to deface a part of your house for self-entertainment. It's not only fun, but it's also endless!

Another post later with some non-hockey wall highlights.


Tapeleg said...

You're not a *gasp* comic book fan, are you?

mike w said...

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

Unknown said...

fruck Mona Lisa, the Wonder Woman/Lindros pic is a real work of art. You ought to produce a print :)

Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

Great mural. Had the producers of Lost used this in the hatch the show would have sucked a lot less than it does now.

Is that Bill Hicks above Optimus Prime?

Excellent Yubaba btw. :)

Earl Sleek said...

Oh man, some of this stuff is obscure:

Is that Stevie Ray Vaughan standing behind Elvis??

Not only is that not SRV, but it's not Elvis either. As per my Mr. Show obsession, those two fellows are the group known as "T.T.O.M.O.", a.k.a. "Three Times One Minus One", with their famous hit "Ewww Girl Ewww".

If you haven't seen that Mr. Show, it's pretty tough to explain.

Is that Bill Hicks above Optimus Prime?

I think you're referring to our Johnny Chan, who is only really identifiable by his ass-wacky shirt and the calmness by which he moves 'all in'.

Excellent Yubaba btw. :)

As a general rule, the stuff that got put up there most recently is the best (our improving paint skills), and that was one of the last additions.

Anonymous said...

Ninja turtles, the Simpsons, Cookie Monster, Katamari on top of Star Wars, Miyazaki and DC Comics?? Sweeeeeeeeeeeet Who's that floating next to Kiki?

Earl Sleek said...

Who's that floating next to Kiki?

That would be Sheeta floating downward from Miyazaki's 'Castle in the Sky'.

As you can see, I am quite the Japanese schoolchild. :)

Anonymous said...

Is that Jabba the Hut, or Slimer??? I kid.