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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Selanne Sinks His Boat

Credit HF posters Pepper and Color@do @v@l@nche for their diligent reporting.

Unfortunately, the only web sites linked are in Finnish, and the only real things known are:

  • Selanne was not aboard
  • The friend he lent the boat to may not have been properly licensed
  • The boat was over capacity (23 passengers in a 15-passenger-craft)
  • The boat is ruined
Burning question: will this make Teemu more driven to earn his incentive bonuses?


jamestobrien said...

The Teemu one-year deal underscores a point I find painful to admit: the Ducks are doing just about everything right this offseason.

I had planned, before that, to pull out the Contract Year Theory. But now that will only HURT my cause.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet a 2-4 Jesse Niinimaki was on of the partyers.

Anonymous said...

Damned vikings!