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Sunday, June 11, 2006

There are THREE teams in California?

Now that the Ducks have been eliminated, I think we can look to bring this site back to its original intentions.

That is, a collection of fools who think that the Stanley Cup might one day end up in sunny California.

We have one Duck guy and two Shark writers, but I'm sure we could do a little more for all three teams as we move to '06-'07.

If I can post on a blog, then the bar is really low. I should note that the only real benefit is that your opinions will be corrected by the masses.

C'mon, Kings fans. Certainly one of you should be able to type.

[Edit: I'm going to keep this up top periodically, but more recent posts are below.]


Jameso said...

Wow. That illustration kills me. That needs to be on stationary and whatnot.
Can't help with the being a King's fan thing though...

mike w said...

Did you MS Paint that yourself? It is glorious.

Anonymous said...

Well, since no one seems to be posting any nominations, I shall use my extensive HF lurking knowledge to chip in. A frequent poster on the Kings board who seems relatively eloquent and knowledgeable goes by the name ILuvLA. Plus she's female, so that might be an interesting hook for the blog in a "2 guys, a girl, and a pizza place" kinda way.

James Mirtle said...

I think the three California teams should merge into one, use that as their mascot and go by the name of the Los Angeles Sharks of Anaheim.

Only then will the Cup head to Cali. Only then.

Anonymous said...

Alright, since I can't post on LGK due to getting BANNED by Captain Spammer Rinkrat for speaking the truth, I think you should all join Team Anti-LGK at http://www.hockeypacific.com. The interesting thing is, HockeyPacific.com is exactly what this blog is dealing with - Ducks, Kings & Sharks! We are a fairly new site over at HockeyPacific.com, but way better than ElGeeGay - no retarded MODS, ADS or Censorship, 3 things that have killed LGK, we just need additional members right now... so it's up to YOU to stop feeding the Rat and Join Today!

BTW, it would be nice if you could add HockeyPacific.com to your link list on the left-hand side on this Blog.

Thank you very much and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing - this guy "beingbobbyorr" rocks for posting this on elgeegay:

"If LGK went into hibernation, RR might have to go get a job, instead of posting infomercials like "These Los Angeles Kings Fan Identity Cards are extremely cool. I am trying to collect the entire set!"

It is our moral imperative that we not unleash this man on the real world. .... QVC, maybe. The Home Shopping Network, ok. .... But not the real world."

I'm surprised that post wasn't deleted for speaking the truth, but being that you've been a member since '01 probably gives you some leeway.

And remember: HockeyPacific.com!

Anonymous said...

It was said tongue-in-cheek, but like all humor, there must be some element of truth in it to be effective. RR saw the humor as evidenced in a responding post. He's a nice enough fellow, but none too subtle at camouflaging his attempts to push merchandise.

A more troubling dissappointment was the 'dissappearance' of my post soliciting someone @ LGK to help Mr. Sleek with the Kings part of the Battle of California triad. 'Bit Bucket' my ass!